New Fall Shop Updates!

Fall is in the air.....well, sorta.  Although temps are heating up around here in Arkansas we're just days away from September and the air just feels different.  I'm excited to share a few fall updates in my shop with you today!  
This watercolor was so much fun for me to do because it really challenged me creatively.  Watercolor is a whole different ballgame than mixed media and I like that.  I had a lot of fun painting this one!  
This listing, as with all the other prints in my shop, is for an 8 x 10 high-quality, archival ink and paper art print!  You can easily slip this into your favorite frame!
Something else new in the shop is this big scalloped banner!  You all know how much I love to hang banners and bunting just about anywhere.  This one is no exception-I had a hard time not keeping it for myself!  This hand-painted banner is made with acrylic paints, vintage book pages, and washi tape!  It's then hand-sewn together with thick upholstery thread. 

I just know this would look adorable on a mantle, or strung over a mirror or picture frame!

I felt so free creating this piece.  I let my fingers lead and my head's when things happen the other way around I get stuck.  Not so this time!  
You can find this 8 x 10 print, as well as the other items mentioned here!

I created this collage for my upcoming Rosy Retreat.  I honestly feel like a piece of my heart is tucked into the folds of this storybook picture somewhere.  It is so much a statement about my life right now.  About looking again when things are too quiet or too loud or too busy or too empty.  No matter the circumstances, people, voices, opinions involved...look again.  God is beauty and light and life to me.  He shows me all of that in the most humble of places.

This print is also available as an 8 x 10.  

You can check out my Etsy shop here!


  1. Sara,
    I was thinking of all your work today as I was browsing through the website of They have several publications that would be perfect for your photography and art (besides the one you've already been featured in :)

  2. Oops....forgot to add that one submission was for "Unique Gatherings" and I think your Rosy Retreats would be perfect!

  3. Debbie, you are so sweet to bring this up. Thank-you so much for telling me about this opportunity! I've actually been contacted by Mingle magazine about my Rosy Retreats. I haven't heard back though so maybe another time?... who knows :) I appreciate your kindness in sharing this opportunity!


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