Let Freedom Ring!

Let freedom ring from inside our minds,
 Let freedom ring in our friendships.
 Let freedom ring in our homes,
 our churches,
our neighborhoods.
 Let freedom ring in our creating, cooking, loving, holding.
 Let freedom ring in our living, breathing, protecting, grace-giving.
Let Jesus saturate our lives with freedom. 
In the spirit of savoring the summer,
I'll be taking a little break 'till Monday.

And then I'll be busting at the seams to announce plans for 
Rosy Retreats,
coming in the fall. 

(praying freedom for each of you today)


  1. Sara,
    It's been a while since I've just sat and read my friend's blogs and coming back to yours is always such a blessing. You inspire me to remember to have fun and create and appreciate the simple things about life.

    I would love for you to share your chore routine with us. I was just thinking that I really need a routine so I won't feel like I have to do everything each day.

    Have a happy 4th with your family and if I lived closer, I might be joining one of your retreats :)


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