Brave birds.

Afternoon! The wind has been howling like crazy here....a storm blew up all of a sudden.  I use afternoon nap time to "work" as an artist so that means you can find me painting, listing things in the shop, watching art videos, sketching, and on a really good day-packaging orders! 

After settling in at the table this afternoon, I peeked outside and saw leaves swirling furiously through the air and a few major tree branches down on the ground.  Combine that with dark skies and a broken flower pot from the strong wind and I immediately raced up the stairs to wake Anna Ruth up from her nap.  The storm was just a storm I quickly discovered, after making a phone call to my bro-in-law because I couldn't get ahold of Brett. (thanks Uncle Jack!) But still, my first thought was "forget what I needed done this afternoon! I need my baby girl downstairs with me!"  

I did go ahead and list this BRAVE birds art print in the shop today.  My mind feels as busy as those leaves swirling around outside.  Here's what I be brave....

and take dinner or a treat to a friend in need,
to reach out again and try to get a supper club going once a month,
to talk to my neighbors across the street,
to say yes to the right things and no to all the rest,
to pray for someone in person,
to surprise someone with mail,
to give as much art as I sell,
to have the Rosy Retreat fill up so I can show people it's not scary to be around other women, but healing,
to stop weighing myself,
to keep learning about art and going for it, whether the people around me ask about my passion or not,
to make others feel loved, welcome, included, and helped.

In our world it feels like we're so plugged in and social,
but we're not.  

I want in. 
In to other people's lives,
into what God sees and hears and feels. 

Let's be brave friends.
Let's surprise someone with a real treat, not just a Facebook "like",
let's show up on someone's doorstep, dinner in hand. 
Let's cheerlead for our friends and their passions and hobbies,
lets stop the glorification of busy to let ourselves be known.


  1. I love this, Sara!! Beautiful art and beautiful words!

    1. Thank-you Robyn! :) Which service do y'all go to? It'd be nice to see you in person! :)

  2. This is such an amazing reminder.....I want this too.

    1. Thank-you friend! I need this reminder so often...

  3. That is beautifully put - and things that are worth being brave for

  4. I always think you have to treat people the way you want to treat them, not the way you feel you should treat them or the way they deserve to be treated. Those are not judgements we can make ourselves, we just have to do what is right FOR US. Whenever we visit friends who tend to turn up chronically late to when they visit us, my husband always says we should just turn up late too, but I'm like no, I need to live life by my own rights and wrongs. Anyway I"m going off on a tangent!


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