Baby, You're a Firework. (the 4th)

Hey everybody! How was your 4th?  The weekend seemed gloriously long to us.  We'd tinkered with the idea of going out of town to Branson or someplace close, but really our most relaxing place is right at home.  After a weekend of fireworks, amazing food, family, lots of backyard play, and the comfort of our own beds, we were glad we had decided to stay home this time. 
 Brett shot off a few fireworks for Anna Ruth one evening but the noise bothered her... 
so these are actually our show! 

I admit, it felt a little silly at first to be standing in the backyard by ourselves with Brett shooting fireworks and me taking pictures of it.  But I mean really.  I saw these and said "Shut up!" 
So neat. :) 

 I did a little backyard decorating in hopes of getting a family picture in front of it.  We never seemed to have a time when I wanted to try and wrangle the two gals in front of the flag so it didn't happen.  Maybe another time! 
 These little fabric scrap banners are one of my top favorite crafts to make-ever.  So easy!  All you do is cut strips of fabric (I never measure).  Next, tie them onto a string!  And you're done. Relaxing and fun and so pretty! 
 What will I do when the colorful wildflowers leave me again?  

These beauties were all picked from our pasture.  The orange flowers were very obvious to spot because of their color.  The green bunch (I'm not sure what they're called) were discovered because I was looking very closely at the ground.  Sometimes, it's worth it to take a second look isn't it?
 I still haven't eaten any cake, cookies, ice cream, pies, candy, syrup, or cinnamon rolls since May 31st. But looking at these ribs-who needs to?!  We ate homemade potato salad from the garden, ribs, cheese and crackers, local peaches, garden salad.....all spread out over the weekend.  Oh, and grilled peppers with cheese.  Good, good food. 

 Of course, the perfect 4th (or almost perfect) wouldn't be complete without a trip to our local farmer's market!  It is busy and lots of people enjoying the slow life and the music and the awesome REAL, non-processed food.  It's fabulous. 

 I bought these flowers from this lovely gal and enjoyed a nice chat with her. 

I added a few things around the house that make me happy this weekend too! 

In other news, several of you have asked how my Etsy stuff (and now my Rosy Retreats) are going!  I'm going to be honest.  I am 100% excited about both!!! 
But, things have been pretty quiet.  I suppose it's summertime and people are busy with their kiddos and vacations.  

I admit, it's hard to be brave and keep after these things when you seem to hear your own voice echo back in the silence.  But daring greatly is where it's at, right?! I sure hope so. 

THIS is what I'm excited about. 
I hope that you'll join me.