This just in.

This happy little piece was just listed in my shop!
I had so much fun creating this one...
and I stopped much earlier in the process of creating it than I usually do.  On Project Runway I remember Tim Gunn used to encourage the participants to edit their look.....because sometimes too much isn't a good thing.  I admit, I'm terrible at that!  Sometimes I get a bit carried away and add too many details to a piece and then I get mad at myself afterwards.

Not so with this one.  I stopped just in time :).  
 One night right smack in the middle of doing the dishes I had the sudden urge to run outside and try to capture that last lazy bit of the golden hour.  I only had time to hop over the fence and get a shot or two...
but I'm hoping to sneak over to the farm by myself some evening soon and capture the magic in all its' glory.  There is something about this particular light that speaks to me...

 These little cuties were discovered in our hanging basket today!  I've been watering the plants and honestly have no idea how these birdies survived all that and grew up to be this big.  Strong little birds they are.  

Today I'm thankful for:
An online art community I'm a part of that is so supportive and helpful and encouraging,
my most real conversation with a friend ever last night at coffee,
feeling 1,000 pounds lighter today because of this conversation,
plans to celebrate all weekend long for Father's Day and Anna's birthday,
the sun,
a house that's semi-cleaned and floors that have already been mopped,
the full night of rest I got last night,
a clean craft room,
God's grace.