Prayers and my newest art.

The sun has decided to peek it's head out today and for that I am very grateful.  I'm also so thankful for each one of you who texted or messaged me about yesterday's post.  I hope you're doing something fun today.  Posting this art and letting the color make my eyes light up is fun for me. 

I'm sitting here praying for a very sick friend and also the people who lost their lives in last week's tornadoes.  It makes me more sad than I can express.  The realistic part of me first starts to question why I would focus on something like art, where there is so much tragedy going around.  But the Sara part of me fights back and makes myself think about lovely, pure, joyful things like art.  Because ultimately if I let the tragedy of the world crush me Satan wins.  So even with a sad heart, I can still praise my Father through the arts.  And see color and life and be reminded that this earth is just a tiny glimpse of what's to come.  Heaven will be wonderful, won't it?  

 These are my latest canvases.  The first one (the "Run Away" canvas) is one of my all-time faves that I've painted.  I think I'm onto my "style" with that one. 

This house one honestly isn't my favorite. At all. But I keep making myself look at it and figure out what it is I don't like, to further pursue what I do. I DO like messy, wild and crazy canvases.  With very little structure or rhythm or rhyme.  
I also made these little bookmarks for my playgroup friends when we had our book exchange.  These were super fun to make!  Perhaps I'll list some in my dream shop someday soon. :) 

Here's to happiness, pursuing fun, and knowing that Heaven is waiting on the other side.
(If you have any questions concerning my beliefs, feel free to ask or email me! Jesus is my everything)


  1. I like the rustic photograph (yours?) against the pastel and bright background in the first painting! Finding your style is great, isn't it???

    1. Thank-you Julie! Yes, the photo is mine. :) Photography is so much a part of my daily life I like the idea of including them in my art. I love your cheery style by the way!

  2. Sara, I adore your art. These are the types of things that I'd love to hang up on my walls. Keep doing what you're doing. Your vision is so unique and inspiring! That dream shop of yours is certainly a part of your future!

    1. Thank-you so much for your kind, encouraging words. I have played them over in my mind several times over the last few days and they are encouragement to keep going! Blessings friend!


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