Playhouse reveal and SHOP grand opening!

I feel like Brett should be the one standing to take a bow for these lovely pictures.  As with most things on our farm and in our lives, these pictures have a story behind them.  Last spring Brett built a little structure we called "the playhouse" out of pallets for the girls.  So really for Anna Ruth because Betsy Grace was too little to join in.  The girls played and played in their little house, happy as could be.  All the while Brett and I were dreaming of a real playhouse, one with plenty of space for our girls. 
Along came November and Brett started tackling his dream of building the girls a real playhouse. He started with a simple sketch in a regular 'ol notebook and got to work.  THIS beautiful structure you see is his finished product.  He had no plans other than his sketch, no "how-to" books, just his incredibly creative, organized, and talented mind.  He works so hard for our girls and I am so proud that he gets to take the stage and his work highlighted a bit on the blog today! 

Of course as soon as he gave me the thumbs up I went to work decorating.  I used my same decorating style as we have in the house-thrifted finds got spray-painted, decor got pulled from cabinets and fluffed up a bit to make their big debut in the playhouse.  

I made sure there were plenty of plastic dishes and art supplies for all kinds of creative play.  

We may add some more permanent shelving and do some painting inside next year, but for this year...this is enough.  It is time for the girls to go wild in their new play space!  (and I plan to sneak out their in the evenings when they're in bed!) 

And now on to more exciting news!  This little cutie is the newest addition to my Rosy Life art collection.....and I'm happy to say I have a shop opening date!! 

I am so excited to offer 8 x 10 prints of my art work!  
I'll be adding additional sizes and a few originals as time goes on....
You can read more about my art process at my Rosy Life art blog,
found here!


  1. Sara! What fun news, and what a fun playhouse! :)

  2. Your playhouse is so charming - jealous but so happy for you and your family! I can't wait to see your beautiful shop - your pieces are clearly from the heart.

    Jill (lovethesea

  3. What an amazing space for your girls! Really excited about your shop, sounds like you've been putting in a lot of work.


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