Botanical Garden. By myself.

I suppose I've been feeling rather gutsy lately, tackling two adventures in one week.  Or perhaps more ready....or willing to embrace what could or couldn't go right or wrong.  Having Betsy Grace has taught me to go with the flow.  I don't mean to place an unfair responsibility on her for teaching me this.  I just mean that when you have one baby your entire world (and theirs) is all about them.  Every change, schedules and diapers both, are centered around the star of the show.  And then a new kid in town arrives and suddenly you have TWO stars of the show and things just get a bit  Unraveled.  Fun.  There are more loose ends that never seem to get tied up.  More laughs than ever before,  double the adventure, double the fun, double the eyes that light up. 
Last spring Betsy Grace was a lot less mobile, but a lot less healthy also.  She was around six months at the time and had somehow slipped through the cracks, as far as her weight was concerned.  It's a thought that still racks my brain and heart with guilt.  She was tiny and hungry.  

So our main goal last year was to get Miss Betsy Grace well, healthy, and full.  

I'd say we've done just that.  
This year it is a totally different ball game having two very, very mobile girls.  They love to go places and I've figured out how to get them both in and out of the car quite easily.  We have our routine, the girls and I.  One morning we headed to our local botanical garden.

The girls had such a great time having free reign of the place.  They have a specified area for the children, with a bridge, lily-pads, and a treehouse to climb in.  We even saw a tiny turtle!  

I called beforehand to ask if the garden was open.  The nice lady on the phone said they were and that it was free for national garden week, or something like that.  I was thrilled and felt like I'd won the lottery or something! It doesn't take much to excitement me, folks. 
I'd borrowed my mom-in-laws car this day while ours was being worked on.  Which meant once we arrived at the garden I didn't have the diapers in the car like I thought. And someone (no naming names here) had a VERY stinky diaper. So we had to buy VERY expensive diapers at the gas station down the road before we could go in.  I definitely got my workout in this day, hauling the girls around in search of diapers.  And you know what? They did great the whole time!  I came home and laughed over the diaper incident. 
It amazes me how naturally wonder-ous and curious and imaginative my girls are.  And when I question them about the world around them, their little brains just run with it! Life sure is a lot more fun with my girls in it.  

I suppose from the outside looking in it appears I'm teaching them all sorts of things. But really, they're the ones teaching me.