Book Exchange Party

 Are you a reader?  I used to be.  I suppose if I think about it my reading has gone in stages, much like my life. There was the YA stage, the Karen Kingsbury stage, the sewing book stage....

I'm MUCH more into non-fiction books about crafting, painting, and photography now than ever.  Sometimes reading a fiction book loaded with drama (even if it is a "christian" novel) just about does me in.  I'm usually reading to escape life's drama and don't want more of it swirling around in my head, fake or not.  But still, a books a book.  Whether it's non-fiction, fiction, a piano book, or a cookbook.  All matter. 
We have a play group that meets once a week. These gals are my best friends.  I've known most of them since Anna Ruth was a baby.  They are definitely my real-life people, meaning they know the good, bad, and ugly about me and still keep hanging around.  

I decided we should have a book exchange for one of our play group dates, to change things up a bit.  We are all mamas and probably too tired most of the time.  We all need a bit of an escape.  I decorated a bit and created this fun centerpiece.  I also made some bookmarks to give as favors (I painted and doodled them) and made some magazine heart garlands.  Each mama brought a book and left with a different book.  Easy and fun! 

So tell me, what kinds of books are you into these days? 


  1. I love reading! Right now I'm reading The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry ... Really loving it!


    1. I haven't heard of this one, I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the recommendation :)


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