the creek.

 I never would have expected to end up here.  The tale of my college days spent dreaming of the biggest of cities to dwell and my happy ever after ending landing me on the farm never gets old.  Quite honestly it still surprises me every single time.  Growing up I lived in a rural area and remember being absolutely terrified of the cows at my grandparents and of trying to traipse through woods, rocks, and the creek.  I had no idea on the great world of discovery I was missing out on!  Thank goodness life, God, and Brett rescued me from my small, in the box thinking before it was too late.
 Our farm has been one of my greatest joys in life.  It's one of the prettiest (if not THE prettiest) places on the planet to me.  Destinations like Italy may seem enticing and adventurous and exciting, but the farm is all that too....and more.  It's rocks and pebbles and splishes and splashes.  It's relaxing and the wind blowing your hair just right.  It's the chirping of birds, their familiar song making you feel right at home even when the rest of the world doesn't.   The farm is a masterpiece, each season on full display.  When spring rolls around, it really knows how to put on a show.
The farm is also the perfect playground for learning some of life's greatest, most valuable lessons.  Like curiosity and imagination.  We have a creek that runs on part of the property and about once a week the girls and I have been loading up to visit this gurgling fountain of life.
We even got extra brave and brought Bouncy, the puppy last time.  We load up our "Treasure Bag" with miniature notebooks and markers because you just never know when inspiration will strike.  Anna Ruth documented a caterpillar in her notebook last time we visited.

 We touch, smell, question, and wonder at The Creek.  We imagine like the sky's the limit.  We are brave at the creek, crossing over the slippery rocks with just the right amount of caution.

 The creek and farm are where we breathe a little deeper, we pray a little longer.  We speak a little kinder and linger a little longer.

The farm and creek are where some of my biggest whispers have been uttered, dreams birthed, hopes sown into the wind.  


  1. Who would have thought? i am so happy for you to have found your special place:) grandma

  2. Que coisa mas linda,parece o paraiso.Meu nome e Cristina e tenho acompanhado seu blog ,aqui do Brasil. abraços.

  3. Connecting with nature is so important. I'm a city girl but I NEED the countryside in my life. I hope to move there at some point.

    And OMG your little girl's cowboy boots are AWESOME!! I need those in my life too! lol

  4. Thank-you everyone! I suppose sometimes our way of fun might seem a bit strange to others, but we sure do love it. :) It's "the good life" as I always say.


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