How does your garden grow?

My garden grows with puppy dog tails,
fountains of sparkly water drops,
squeals and giggles. 
Wonder and amazement,
imagination and the cutest of conversations are sown in my garden.

New adventures to try,
mama's lap for comfort,
and joy await.

My garden grows with color and hope,
a spring in our steps and sunshine to tuck in our hearts.

How does your garden grow? 


  1. Such joyful pics of your little girl! I have two boys (nearly 3yo and nearly 1yo), I usually take iPhone pics but must try and take the proper camera out with them sometime.

    1. Hi Iris! Our lives sound a bit similar-my girls are almost three and a bit over one. 17 months apart! You must wake up and go, go, go nonstop like me :) :) Hauling the big camera around is work...but worth it I think. :)


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