Dream Yard: Grandma and Papaw's House

 The girls and I have been gladly making the trek to see my grandparents, Grandma and Papaw, every few weeks or so.  It's always a wonderful visit.  Anna is growing quite accustomed to the toys and routines she likes there and will remind me of very specific things she intends on playing with once we arrive every single time.  I like that.  
 The last time or two we've visited the weather has been nice enough for us to spend some time outside.  These are the same stomping grounds I grew up imagining all sorts of things on.  The same hideaways, paths, and beauty I've been lucky enough to be surrounded by since I was a little girl.  

I told Grandma that their yard is our dream yard!  There is beauty to behold, literally at every turn.
 She reminded me they'd had 30 years to get it that way.  
And isn't that true?  I'm finding that behind the most beautiful things and people are sometimes life's longest stories.  And the path to the beautiful statue of a moment is usually one filled with stumbling blocks, hard things.....yet look how beautiful the reward is!

 Grandma and Papaw's house is one of my top favorite places on the planet.  Ever.  
I don't have a single "bad" memory from here, at all.  Not a one. (and I even tried to think of one, haha)

Do you have a place like this?  A place maybe from childhood or even adulthood that is your own real life hideaway, a place of happy with the best of the best memories? 

I hope so.  And if not,  I hope you can create your own space today.