Magical days..

 "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."
-Helen Keller
 Tent building, Betsy's first time with a spoon being wildly successful, daffodils to cheer, toothy grins, Betsy being a "leftie", early morning coffee, first words, walks and wiggles...
Shadows and light, grey spring skies, baby doll playing, baths in the "big" bath tub, footie jammies, imaginations, questions and more questions, lots of "gooks" (books), color, laughter...

these are magical days at home with my two sweets.


  1. They really are magical days, I have been there, and they were gone before I knew what was happening. My youngest will be getting married this September. I was so blessed to spend that time home with them, and was a decision I will never regret. Enjoy!

    1. I can't imagine my youngest ever getting married. Ever. Like I'm tearing up over here! The truth is these are challenging AND magical days. But I like the visual reminder of the "magic". :)


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