It didn't take long for the magic of spring time to seep into our minds, hearts, eyesight, fingers, and feet. Last weekend I spotted a few daffodils by the side of the country road on the way home.  I knew exactly what that meant.  
The time for a daffodil hunt had arrived.  
It was as if I felt my breath exhale, tears stopping just before hitting my eyes. 
Such relief at having made it through the winter. 
Cold, dark nights, sickness here and there that seemed to overstay its welcome.  

And now, this.  A patch of daffodils that are steady and true and there every year, nestled in the woods of our farm.  Just waiting to delight us.  Our only job is to take the time to look.  
Without me even mentioning anything to Brett, he spoke up saying that we needed to go visit the daffodil patch.  On we trekked in the farm truck until we spotted these bright yellow, cheerful signs of spring.  They looked like a parade of pretty, a crowd of celebration.  Standing tall, proud, and happy that spring has arrived.

 Of course the girls and I wasted no time getting right down in the middle of them.  I love that about my girls.  We are a "go all in" kind of bunch.  Why look from afar when you can sit amongst the beauty?  

Anna Ruth was especially thrilled that the flowers are her mama's favorite color.  She so sweetly picked a bouquet for me and some for Betsy Grace as well.  

(we caught Betsy trying to eat the flowers)

What loveliness....
two girls,
loads of flowers.  
Spring, you have sure welcomed us with open arms. 
We are forever grateful.

I sat down with the girls and showed them how to tuck a flower behind your ear.  Anna Ruth couldn't figure out if her mama was being fabulous or just plain weird...
I hope though, that this is how the girls remember their mama when they're old and recounting their childhood days.  A happy, flower-wearing mama who would sit among the daffodils with great glee.

Today I'm so grateful for flowers that remind me of the great light God is in the darkest dark,
for magical adventures with my two best gals and dear husband.
I'm thankful that life is made of seasons,
each one bringing with it a cause for celebration. 

I'm thankful for pictures and photographs that speak of the love God has for us. 
It's on the hard, sad days that I'll visit these treasures and be reminded that even in the midst of the darkest winter nights, Spring is right around the corner.  

And this corner looks pretty wonderful to me.


  1. Sara, I love this post. I look forward to your pictures every morning. You are such a good mother--teaching the girls about what is important. My favorite thing in life is the simple things--like a patch of daffodils or in my childhood it was a patch of wild violets. Mother always wanted to walk up on the nob every spring to see if the violets were coming up.
    Sandra Gaye

    1. Thank-you so much Sandra! That really means a lot to me. I like hearing stories about your mom. :) I bet she was a neat lady!

  2. You are so right. If we just open our eyes we have a multitude of blessings around us that remind us of light in a dark world and God's goodness to us. Daffodils in spring are one of my favorites.

    1. I love the daffodils too!! Opening my eyes to see is hard on the days I'm tired, but I'm learning to train my eyes to look anyway. :)

  3. What a relief! I'm loving the little glimmers of Spring that are peaking out here and there.

    1. Me too friend! I bet your gal is so much fun this Spring :)

  4. What beautiful photos. I am so ready for Spring too!


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