Friday favorites.

Did you use to watch the line-up of TGIF shows when you were a kid?! Family Matters...Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, Step by Step...
Ok, nothing to do with this post but I seriously remember anticipating getting to watch these shows on Friday evening.  So funny! 

I have a post coming up soon about a real world look at my eating/working how a "normal" gal actually approaches health.  But who wants to read about that on a Friday afternoon?  Not me.  :)  Let's have some fun instead!  

I thought I'd share a few of my share-able art journal pages, along with some favorite links from the world wide web.  A few Friday favorites that will hopefully brighten your weekend before it's even started!  

I've been a lot more personal in this art journal so these are the pages I feel ok sharing for now.  I think of the verse that says Mary treasured these things in her heart.  I have learned lately to start treasuring more and talking less.  
My original goal was to create a page a day.  But let's be honest, some days you're just not feeling it or are running on very little sleep.  So those days wait.  

I actually went back yesterday and added a bit more excitement to some of the pages, more color, pattern, etc.  So what you're seeing today are the pages after I've worked on them several times.
You'll want to ponder this poem for a bit.... trust me.

Journaling much? 
I'd love to hear about it. 

The internet can be such a kill-joy, can't it?  
Sometimes, yes.  
So that's why I only stick to reading what consistently fills my mind with good, happy, thought-provoking things. 

Here are a few favorites for your Friday I encourage you to check out! 

and for extra fun, you should browse my Pinterest boards! I was going to put my favorite pictures up but realized I could never narrow it down. :)

Happy Weekend! What are your plans?
Please include: paint, warm covers, music, coffee, hand-holding, and photography. 


  1. I LOVE the idea of journaling but I rarely follow through with it. I'm not an "artsy" creative gal but more of a Type AAAA organized machine! HaHa So I tend to get bogged down in the "perfect journal" i.e. perfect handwriting, perfect paper, perfectly writing in it every day, etc. But one thing I did when our first daughter was little that I'm so glad I did was to get a yearly baby calendar and write something about our days every day for her first two years. I didn't feel pressure to write a long drawn-out entry (the boxes were tiny!) but I wrote something and it's a treasure! Wish I had done for my other three children but so thankful I did it for her!


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