Vroom, vroom.

It's a girls' world at our house. 
I remember being 100% convinced we were going to have a boy before Anna Ruth was born. 
Everyone told us so, 
we were new farm tenants,
surely that meant a boy.
And then along came the ultrasound, which we traveled in a LOT of snow to......
and our baby GIRL was waiting to say hello. 
I was stunned.
I came home and looked at girl fabric and just couldn't believe it. 

Fast forward not too much longer, when Anna was still a baby herself.....
and round 2 of baby comes. 
Since we already had a girl, I bet this one would be a boy.
A girl strikes again. :) I remember looking at Betsy Grace on the ultrasound monitor and trying to wrap my head around TWO girls.  I knew life was about to get very, very interesting. 

And boy has it ever!  Two girls means double the pink, double the bows.  We certainly raise our girls to embrace all that is "girl".  It wasn't 'till someone commented on the girls' Christmas gifts that I realized we might raise our girls a little differently than others.  

For example, these cars and trucks are played with almost daily.  We make cool ramps for them, never stopping for a second to consider they might be a "boy" toy. 

My sweeties love sticks, the outdoors, climbing fences, trucks, tractors, and cows. 
Of course, all done in girly style. 

They adore blocks and building and ballerina skirts with just as much passion. 
My girls can build with the best of them. 
Playing with toy cars, tools, and creativity aren't limited to boys. 

What toys are your kiddos favorites?  


  1. Little is very much into a stuffed hippo, cardboard boxes, and paper nowadays. She waves them in the air and shouts in excitement. I just love these little moments.

  2. Paper and cardboard.....what more could a little one want?! :)


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