Random Act of Kindness (Truth and a Dare)

Today's truth and a dare comes from a lesson God has been teaching me. 
I have thoughts often to step out of my comfort zone and show others how much I appreciate them.  To do random acts of kindness.  How often do actually carry those thoughts out?

Not nearly often enough.  I decided that needed to change.  I love our technology-driven world but can we all Amen that there is just something about a real hug, a real piece of mail, a real muffin....
I've been on a mission to challenge myself to do REAL life things for my real life people.  
One day we delivered muffins to someone to say "thanks".  I'm always saving egg cartons so we placed the mini muffins inside, stuck some cute scrapbook paper on top, and had a very cute gift.  

The muffins were made from a box and were delicious!  (no guilt here)

I challenge you today to one random act of kindness.