Merry and Bright paper banner (Homespun Happiness)

Have you found the happiness in the homespun yet?  
I sure hope so.  This series is fun and do-able for just you, or grab a group of friends and meet once a month to do the projects!  And make sure you include coffee and treats too.... That's certainly how I would do it! 
Todays project has a neat story with it which makes it even better!  I started out blogging purely for myself and a few family members a couple of years ago.  Somewhere along the way my blogging style changed, as did my content.  I wasn't just posting a recap of our life events anymore and with broadened topics came a broadened audience.  THAT has been the fun part.  I've been able to make several friends through Instagram and blogging that I wouldn't otherwise have met. 

I have a friend named Christie from California who is one such friend.  I read her blog and she reads mine.  We are both crafty and have little ones.  Her style is gorgeous (both her clothes and home).  She is definitely someone  would like to have over for coffee.  One day she emailed and asked for my address so she could send me a package!  FUN! She sent me a book about "Glamping" (glamorous camping) and it is fabulous.  So, I wanted to return the favor.  I sent her a book also, a photograph from my shop, and a paper banner I made using the supplies above.

I had read on one of her bog posts that she likes silver and gold so I decided to stick with that color scheme (rather than a rainbow of colors like I might have chosen for myself, lol).  I cut out scallops from Cardstock and then stamped "Merry and bright" onto them.   Then I embellished the scallops with paper tags found at Target in the $1 section.  Last (no picture of this one) I strung them up on red string.   This looked so festive!  

It is SO fun getting to make friends and have a real life pen pal. :) 

Have you made friends because of technology? 


  1. I love my banner sweet friend!! It is so me! I think I am going to hang it on the kiddos tree!! Thank you, thank you!!

    1. I'm so glad you liked it!! I tried to scale the color back instead of making a rainbow banner :) :) :)


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