Happy Birthday, my Bright-Eyed Betsy Grace

My dearest Betsy Grace is one today.  The big ONE.  In some ways I can hardly believe it. 
I remember before Anna Ruth turned one I was very sad.....I just didn't want my baby to grow up.  With Betsy, it's totally different.  I feel like we've only gotten a glimpse of the HUGE personality her little body holds.  The curtains just barely been drawn back.....and I just adore what I see.

Betsy Grace came in this world rather uniquely, for us at least.  I had an emergency c-section that I stayed freakishly calm throughout.  The presence of God was so thick in the room with me it was almost unbelievable.  I remember, way back in the most human part of my mind, being so scared that something would happen to Betsy.  I didn't tell anyone that until last week actually, when I admitted it to Brett.  But, she DID make it and I remember the nurse handing her to me and I just cried.  My beautiful, screaming baby. 

We came home and life proceeded with two.  Sure, there were challenges, but Betsy Grace has been a pretty great sleeper from the start so things seemed ok.  It was when she was a few months old that I suppose I started to notice her fussiness.  At six months it really peaked.  I remember one particular day at my moms when Betsy Grace would not stop screaming.  I felt utterly helpless.  I called in and got a doctor's appointment for her that afternoon. 

We drove there and discovered she was 12 pounds at six months.  I was nursing her and gaining weight as fast as I could, trying to keep her nourished.  It just wasn't working.  Guilt came in waves....but a sick feeling more than that.  My sweetie was starving.  The doctor gave us until the next day to get her to take a bottle with formula.  She just wouldn't do it. 

Finally, right before bed that night she gulped 3 ounces.  It was a miracle.  I can picture her tiny mouth fitting around that large bottle like it were yesterday.  It was heavenly.  

So you see, my girl is a fighter.  She's tough and brave.  And-she loves to eat.  It didn't take her long to figure out how wonderful formula is as well as other food.  We've skipped baby food with her and moved straight to table food.  

Betsy Grace ..........
is loud,
loves small groups, not big crowds,
has the toothiest grin,
hair that sticks straight up,
wonderfully sweet.

She gives kisses,
moos at the cows,
gets into EVERYTHING that Anna Ruth does,
likes eating everything she can-lotion, crayons, etc,

Her face is very expressive,
her eyebrows are always going all over the place,
and she likes to make her mouth in a "O" shape.

She adores music,
her daddy,
the farm,
truck and Ranger rides,
and her cup. 

She's a bundle of joy and passion.  She adores messes.  She has a lot of her mama in her. :) 

My bright-eyed Betsy Grace has been a kiss from heaven. 
Happy first birthday!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bet we love you P&G

  2. Happy Birthday Betsy Grace, from Granna and Poppa


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