The rhythm to a rainy day.

We had the loveliest, rainiest day recently.  
I just love a good rainy day...the soft, fall kind of rain.  
Living in Arkansas, spring rains often mean high winds and threats of hail and tornadoes.  Scary.  

But fall's gentle, soothing, relaxing.  
It makes the day feel just right for tucking away inside, 
making hot meals like chicken and dumplings. 

Bellies full, rain falling, cat-watching,
there's a certain kind of rhythm to rainy days.


  1. Yesterday I was out on our lower deck photographing some crafts and I felt the fog roll over me and into the yard. It was the oddest feeling. And then, it started raining the heaviest, steady rain we've had in ages. I loved it. There is something comforting about the rain {when it isn't the scary, windy, tornado rain!}.

  2. First, can't wait to see those crafts! I always love your photos! What camera lens do you use? I agree.....a heavy, steady rain is super comforting. :)


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