Local Produce...and A Rosy Retreat VIDEO.

Good morning everybody!  Did you enjoy the glorious weekend?  We sure do.  I'll admit, the cooler weather brought with it stuffy/runny noses for my clan but at least it feels like autumn has officially arrived now.  Saturday we wanted to stick close to the farm so we drove down the road a bit to the Gay Family's Produce Stand.  It is located on 412 and somewhere we drive past every single time we go somewhere.  

Upon arriving I asked the store clerk if I could take some pictures for my blog.  He thought so, but wanted to make sure so he called the owner up and had me talk to her.  She said it was all-right so I got to snap some beautiful, very inspiring photos while there! 

Anna Ruth is trying an apple sample in the picture above.
They sell apples, grapes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, jams and jellies, grape juice, cider, and more! 

We bought some of this garlic, as well as some winter onions to plant (and apples and apple butter!)

The store clerk (I didn't catch his name unfortunately, should have asked) explained to us how this machine works when sorting the apples.  We'd seen something similar on Curious George so it was super neat to see it in real life! 
Beautiful crates of local, delicious apples. 

Friends, I highly recommend you go visit this produce stand!  They have such a nice variety of fruits and vegetables to choose from, a very helpful, friendly man that works there, and delicious tasting produce.  I totally support local (wholeheartedly).  I think we need to support the local talent, growers and farmers, and people that make our world a more creative, beautiful place. 
This is such a place.  Go, buy, eat, enjoy. :)

and now, take a peek below for more info. on A Rosy Retreat {finding the rosy in the routine} online course!

I made a video.  I don't smile at all and look VERY serious.  Which is funny to me.  I'm a smiley gal most of the time so if you know me in real life you're probably laughing at the seriousness of this!  If you DON'T know me in real life you're probably wondering how I'm going to teach you to find the rosy when I'm not smiling. LOL.

But the truth is I had a lot of info. I wanted to share and not a lot of time.... (despite the 4 minute video time).  So, serious face Sara for today folks.

The details-
A Rosy Retreat online course is about finding the rosy in the routine!
Cost $20 via Paypal.
Login information sent to your email, no expiration date.

Course includes chapters written by me, video, pictures, and projects for you to do.

These are do-able but MEANINGFUL projects.

Great for taking as an individual, or with a group of friends!

Coming......November :)

Topics: and projects in parenthesis..
Happy Hodgepodge (creating an inspiration/mood board), Learning through the Lens (camera scavenger hunts), If these Walls could Talk (hanging encouragement throughout our homes), Dear Diary (types of journaling), Merry Mail (several ideas for fun mail exchanges!), Movable Meet ups (gathering ideas in our busy world), and Plunging into Possibility (making a Possibility Jar)

Thanks for bearing with my seriousness ;) 
Happy, Happy Monday!  See ya'll tomorrow. 


  1. Fact: I worked at a produce stand for 6 summers through college until I had Colton! I stood in the dirt in the middle of rice fields and the orchards and sold produce to the masses in 100 plus weather and also worked the local farmers markets ... it was my favorite job ever!

    1. Christie!! I can't believe you worked at a produce stand...so funny friend! :) I was a bit amused how inspired I was by fruits and vegetables, lol. :)


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