Greenie Girls

Hi everyone!  Today I want to introduce two of my friends to you, Naomi and Shannon.  They are a mother/daughter duo who create lovely handmade items for their business, called The Greenie Girls.  THIS weekend they'll be setting up at the Farm-Fresh Vintage Market which I'm sure you've already heard of.  It's going to be fabulous!  

For those not familiar, Viney Grove Community Center is past Prairie Grove a bit.  

Something I'm really passionate about is promoting my friends' businesses and talents.  You'll probably never see me writing about something on the blog because I was paid to do so.  It's just not who I am.  I do like to round up my talented friends and ask "Can I do a post on you?!"  I love it when they say yes.  
I "borrowed" some pictures off The Greenie Girls facebook page so you can see what types of items they'll have at their table this weekend.  Headbands, chalkboards, dresses, tie bracelets, and more!  

Aren't these the cutest?!?!? Especially if you have a little need at least two or three.  

Go check out Greenie Girls at the Farm-Fresh sale this weekend! 
If you can't make it by, you can always check out The Greenie Girls Facebook page, here!


  1. the dresses...swoon. :) I could so see your little girls in those!


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