dreamy farm delight....(these pics are my fave)

I've gotta be honest...I love every single photo in this post.  Like a lot.  Shouldn't we love the photos we take and cherish? I think so.  Sometimes I take pictures and they're just not my favorite.  It's usually the moments when I'm trying too hard.  That goes for a lot of things in my life really.  When you're being pushy about things being perfect or going a certain way...they usually end up forced and no fun.  At least around here.  But when I sink in to my surroundings and let life unfold, real authentic moment after moment......and THEN grab the camera-magic happens. 

It's the same reason why I like to get people started talking when I'm doing a photo shoot.  If we can chat while I snap away, I watch their plastered smiles and perfect poses melt away into real life.  An authentic raised eyebrow, a smile from within.  
One Sunday afternoon we traipsed over to the barn next door and my mom-in-law's house.  We bottle-fed Polly, the adorable calf.  
Then we played with the chickens. 

I let Anna Ruth inside and explore.  I snapped away, real moment after real moment. 
I captured her exactly as I see her in my mind's eye.  
These pictures make me tear up every time.  They are golden.
She is golden.
(this print available here.

I walked around the pasture, in knee-deep hay...taking pictures.
Holding my breath, and praying that a snake wouldn't get me! 
Brett captured this shot.  I love it. 
We are opposites, as is obvious by the difference in the pictures we take.
I told him an idea I had---to take one concept a month...like "Grace" and Brett and I each photograph what that concept would look like in real life to us.  Maybe this could be a winter project for us :)

What pictures have you captured lately that you've loved?


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    1. Wal-Mart, last year! :) Have you found anything cute there this year? I looked once but couldn't find much.

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    3. Yep....14.99 special at Wal-Mart....I haven't found anything comparable :(


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