Pull up a chair (this is your brain on Sara)

(Anybody remember that weird commercial that showed an egg frying, saying "This is your brain on drugs?  Now I love eggs. Kind of weirds me out. Ewwwwwww....anyway, today-this is your brain on Sara.) :)

Pull up a chair and let's visit.
Wouldn't that be lovely?
I'd hand you a cup of almost black coffee (just a little bit of cream to take the edge off), preferably a bite of something sweet and we'd gaze at the sky, chatting the night away. 

My side of the conversation would be random,
my thoughts coming in bits and pieces, strung together  piece by piece. 

It would sound a little something like this:

*Almost every single day Brett or I, out of the blue, looks at each other and says "Aren't our girls the sweetest?"  We are in love with them.  They are sassy, smart, sweet, precious, passionate, serious.  And more.  They are our world, our first and last part to our day, our wonderful middle.  Despite what other jobs or hobbies we're pursuing-these girls are it.  The top of the list. 

*On that note-Brett and I whole-heartedly agree in making our marriage a priority also. Like when we stayed the night in Eureka Springs last weekend. Not an ounce of guilt was had, but good food, hand-holding, talking and laughing were. Our girls were fine, our marriage invested in. 

*I'm still running.  I'm the type of gal that follows discipline, almost to a fault.  I'm a recovering perfectionist I'm afraid.  That means I strive to run 6 or 7 days a week. I'm learning that the heart of the matter should matter more than following rigorous schedules and insane checklists.  This is life we're living, not one giant to do list.

*I could eat bruschetta every. single. day. 

*I have a secret-I've started writing all the thoughts I've had for an ecourse down. It's getting real people!  I have more ideas than I know what to do with. I want it to be a quality course so I'll work, write, and photograph things for the course until I feel it's top-notch.  This is something that will probably debut in the spring. Maybe in the winter (when everyone needs a boost) 

*I have a muscle that shows on my leg now that I've probably never seen before. Running rocks.

*I like my hair longer and wavy. And slightly out of control. 

*Neutrogena lip crayons are wonderful. They smell good and look pretty.

*I want to dress cuter.  After shopping for a date dress last weekend I'm reminded why I dress how I do most days. It takes so much time and $$!

*I love reading.  I'm reading this book right now.

*The gals and I listen to music a lot and for sure at nap/night time. I need new suggestions-help me?

*I want to change how I post on the blog.....I can feel a change coming at least.  I like having posts scheduled but sometimes that feels less authentic. I love blogging but am getting a bit bored by how I usually post.  Maybe this is just a feeling for today. But maybe I'll have some new blog ideas for the fall. We'll see.

*God richly, richly blesses us.  I wanted to attend the Arkansas Women Blogger's Conference that is taking place here but knew we didn't have the $$$ for me to attend a weekend thing right now.
Long story short-I won a full-paid scholarship to attend.  The generosity of this blows my mind. 

* Instagram, blogs, and Facebook have shown me lately how connected we can truly be to authentic, real, kind and creative people across the world.  Use it for good.

*I call, text, or e-mail my twin sis at least once or twice a day with random questions and/or thoughts. She has yet to turn me down and instead always offers calm, wise advice.  She's heaven-sent.

*I'm thinking of what t.v. shows I'll let back in my life in the fall. I'm going to make it at least 3 months with no t.v. (except for that 3 minutes of Lord of the Rings Brett made me watch in Eureka-haha)

*I'm always curious what gets people interested in Etsy shops (specifically mine) or not. I want to advertise mindfully and well but don't want to drive people crazy. Thoughts?

*I'm going to be posting more info. soon about scheduling families/ groups of friends/individual photo shoots at the farm!  Prices, props, all that good stuff. (think: barns, woods, dreamy trees, globes, quilts, old crates....)

*I like the sound of crickets and saltines that are toasty brown. I look for heart rocks everywhere.

*my top of the list babies are up. 
See ya tomorrow! 


  1. Your girls may be a bit young but this music is fun for adults too and it never hurts to start them young! There is a series of CD called "Beethoven's Wig". The composer has taken popular classical song and put words to them and they are sweet and funny and they will stick in your head forever! My kids loved them and still sing them today. Look for them at your library. Or check Amazon. I think there are 4 in the series now. I promise you won't be disappointed!

    I love your sweet blog. Can't remember now how I found you but I check every day! :-)


    1. Thanks for the music tip Jen! Sounds fun :) We like all kinds of music around here so I think my gals would really like this! And...nice to meet you.

  2. Fun post! When I get a chance (and a little bravery), I'll write my side of this conversation on my blog and refer back to yours. I'll let you know when.

    1. Can't wait friend! :) Someday we shall meet in person. Until then-we'll spur each other on creatively :) I'm so inspired by your lovely sewing!

  3. What a fun post!! I think I will have to try the lip crayon! And your ebook idea/pending endeavor...looking forward to it! :) And what wonderful, sound, great advice about your over-night trip! That's a fun idea. I'm always impressed with how you are meshing all facets of life! And, WOW!, just WOW! to the running AND the recovering perfectionist statement! As well as FB...I've considered logging off b/c I get tired of the nonsense and negative. BUT, it's my connection to friends in other states that I almost never see and friends across town I chat with online ;) SO, I decided to HIDE!!!! people who zap my positive ideas and or views in general...and some are even family! GASP! Loved this "conversation" you had with us. OH...music....it's not really nap time/evening music but the boys (and I do) love love Ernie Haase and Signature Sound. They're SG. We esp love the CD Get Away Jordan. The harmony is MORE than AWESOME! And there's a mix of upbeat jump around to very thought provoking and moving songs. We do love it! :)

  4. I love hearing this glimpse into your heart and life. It would be so fun so pull up a chair and have coffee with you. I'm in NWA too...maybe someday. :)


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