Dear Summer,

Dear summer,
You snuck up on us this year.  We anticipated you coming in a hot wave of heat that would almost knock us over.  We expected sun-drenched scorchers, days shut in with the air-conditioner blasting.  
Then you showed up with a "surprise" shout, just delighted and tickled to prove us wrong.
Although you've proven that history repeats itself with hot temperature days again this year,
they've been less in number.  This year you've delighted us with cool afternoons and even cooler evenings.  You've invited us under your shade tree, so generous with a gentle wind. 

We've had parades, flower sightings, garden pickings, hose and water play, sprinkler runs, rock hunting, ranger rides, treasure hunts, watermelon, fireflies, star-gazing, canning, rain, cows, wildflowers galore, grass so green it's startling, and one of the best summers I ever remember.

We braced ourselves for the worst, and you summer-proved us wrong.  You made the world our playground and have given us some of the best memories of our lives this year.  Thanks for settling on our little plot of land like a cool cloth, ready to refresh.

We adore your friend autumn, but for the first time in a long time-aren't quite ready to see you go. 

Can you sprinkle our days with just a few more moments of magic?  Another adventure here or there, before it's time to settle in- crafts, baking, reading, and snuggling to do?  
We'll be waiting expectantly for a grand finish to a glorious you. 
Kindly yours.