Book Exchange Birthday Party

For Round 3 of Anna Ruth's birthday celebrations we had a Book Exchange party!  My twin sis and I decided that since three of our kids have birthdays really close together we'd have one party celebrating all three cousins! 

All of our kiddos are blessed with more than enough toys, so we decided to lighten the load for the guests by asking them to bring a gently used book to exchange in lieu of gifts. 
Beatrice the Bookworm decided she'd keep watch over the cupcakes,
left un-iced so everyone could decide how much they wanted,
or whether they wanted icing at all! 

 Betsy Grace decided she was going to be a party animal and snatched Anna Ruth's cupcake up!  She crammed it into her mouth, before quickly realizing that maybe that's not what she wanted in the first place. 

 The birthday kids! 
(aren't they precious?)
 I adore the "lipstick" created by icing in this picture.

 We kept the food simple: fruit, goldfish crackers, and cupcakes out of a box. And the kids were thrilled! That's the most important thing to me. If the kids are having fun then our mission was accomplished.  

The decorations all came from my house....I just gathered up what I had lying around and quickly assembled the table before the guests arrived.

Anna Ruth got to open a present from her Grandma and Papaw also! 
She knew just what to do, as you can tell by the concentrated look on her face. 

This was such a fun, easy party. which party can I plan next?

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