Isn't she a beauty?
I have to explain the cut in between her eyes.
We had a teachable moment....gone very wrong.
One day we were at the grocery store and I decided to be brave and put Betsy Grace in the big part of the cart, in her car seat. She's gone from being in the Ergo, to being held this was a big step for me. 

She was actually happily sitting in there, I was whizzing through the store marking items off the list. Anna Ruth was in the front part of the cart, helping me open the produce bags, count things, etc.  Then I went to reach for the chicken broth off the shelf and heard a Betsy puppy squeak. When Betsy is REALLY mad or upset she cries so loud and high it sounds like a puppy yelping. It would break anyone's heart.

Long story short-Anna Ruth was helping in the way I've taught throwing a can of beans in the back of the cart. Only this time it was Betsy's face that caught the can. :( The cut bled and her nose swelled up..and I called Brett in tears. It was so, so sad. It was totally an accident, although I did explain to Anna Ruth that we can't throw things back there when Betsy's in her seat. 

Everyone I talked to about it said these things just happen, which I know. It still didn't make this little accident any easier.  Betsy will be one tough gal if she wasn't already born that way!


  1. Oh, so sorry for Betsy Grace. She still looks like a happy little girl though even with a boo boo.


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