A peek into the good moments of mama

Anna Ruth and I love to paint. Do you create alongside your kids? 
I try to.  I would hate for the girls to grow up not knowing how much I love paint, glue, tape, etc.  
One day Anna and I painted and I quickly taped out the word "love" and painted over it with watercolors. This was on a whim, based off some much more difficult pinterest projects I've seen.

It worked! I was so pleased with the final product. And pleased Anna Ruth got to see what fun it is for her mama to create as well.

Recently we had a first! I was sitting at the table, drinking my coffee and basking in the morning light. 
I decided to organize my TONS of pages ripped from magazines because the girls were actually peaceful on their own for about 15 minutes. (this is like 15 hours in mama time)

From a short distance, this is what I spotted. And my mama eyes were so distracted/pleased/filled with happy tears I hardly got any magazine page sorting done. Who cares! Anna Ruth was playing with her big box of cookie cutters from her Aunt Mikayla. I caught her teaching Betsy Grace the shapes and being so, so gentle with her. No shaking the jump-a-roo and giving Betsy the ride of her life, which is what usually happens...(NOT a good thing!) 

Just a peaceful, sweet moment between the girls. Love :) A very good moment as a mama.

I try to make sure that Anna Ruth has access to great items for being creative too! Sometimes if I'm feeling lazy about getting things out for her to work with (admit it-you do it too) I'll ask myself-What is the end result I want for our kids? 

If the end result is creativity, then they must be provided with teachable moments and free play,
WITH creative items! This day we made little tape collages. I made stripes on mine and Anna Ruth kept saying "Mama Stripes". We hung them up on her art wall. You would have thought she created a piece as famous as Picasso's. :)

Thanks for peeking into the good moments of being a mama. 
There are so many.