Puppets and Book Activity

Today I have a fun puppet and book activity to share!  The puppets were my idea, the book-Anna Ruth's. I found these printables on Pinterest, that are supposed to be bookmarks.  You can find them here:.  
Once I pulled the printables up on the computer I typed in cute names for the animals, such as "Fred the Fox" and "Babette the Blue Bird."  After printing them I glued them onto cardboard and attached kitchen skewers to the back. 

One afternoon I was showing Anna the puppets for the first time and was making them talk, jump, etc.  She immediately went and got this book off her crowded bookshelf and brought it to me. Smart girl knew that many of the same animals in the book were on her puppets!  So we read the book, and held up the appropriate animals at the right times to go along with the pages in a book.

A teachable moment for my smart girl.