little birds.

 My "little birds" enjoying some Curious George with their Daddy.  We adore Curious George!  We read 3-4 Curious George books a day and this is what Anna Ruth watches while I cook dinner.  I just love the sweetness of this moment.  Betsy Grace is looking so adoringly at her Dada. 

 Betsy Grace's bubbles! I think baby bubbles and coos are just the cutest.  She's looking quite smug or ornery either one in the second picture huh. 

One of the neat things Brett took Anna to do was pick out a bird-feeder.  He hung it right where she can see it out the window.  One day I walked into the room to see this-I guess she decided standing on the chair would give her a better view. We see lots of cardinals, woodpeckers, and other various birds.  It is fun to watch and good for the girls to learn to appreciate the small things.


  1. How incredibly adorable! I just love your picture of Anna Ruth looking out the window.

    1. Thanks friend! She is a climber.....sometimes a good thing, sometimes not. ;)


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