Thrifting and Target.

 I have a serious love of thrifting.  My favorite thrift store is The Potter's House, in Fayetteville.  It is fantastic! I bought some neat things there recently.  I used to go all the time, but now only plan on going once every month or two.  I got this lamp that I plan on doing some work too.  I'll show you the "After" as soon as I get to it! Total cost: $7.00! 
 I also found the girls this boxed set of Disney's "It's a small world" brand new board books!  It came with stickers too, and was only $4.99 for the set! I looked online, and each book is between $6 or $7 each on amazon. Score! :) 
 Another lamp, that I'll show the "after" of soon!
Last, I found these happy straws at Target for a great deal.  I just love wandering Target :).  I always find the happiest colors, prints, and patterns there.
{Do YOU thrift?}


  1. I could thrift so much more than I do. I just love wandering around, seeing old treasures, and finding new ways to use them!


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