Introduce yourself, will ya? :)

Hi friends! 
Let's try something different, shall we? I'd love it if you'd introduce yourself in the comment section!  I know you're out there.....but sometimes I wonder who "you" are.  Although my God-given personality is a water/wind combo (any "Path" people out there?) I was born and raised in a family of earth's.  So-list making runs deep in my bones too.  A list to introduce sounds wonderful to me. 
I'll start:
1.) What state do you live in? - Arkansas

2.) What are your hobbies?-photography, cooking, crafting, sewing, decorating, journaling, blogging :)

3.) Season of life-Stay-at-home mama, almost 30!

4.) Why (or why not) do you blog/not blog? What is your blog address?- I blog first for myself, second for my family, and third-for everyone else. :) Creativity is "in my blood" as a friend said recently about ourselves.

5.) BIGGEST dream for the future- For me, it involves a chippy, red-painted barn full of crafty goodies. And laughter, girl friends and food. :) And the country, of course. 


  1. Hey there Sara!

    I love to read, write, cook, thrift, and am starting to garden a bit.

    I'm in the working, grad school, been married for two years, soon to be a mommy season of life. :) It's full of surprises and joys. Oh, and I'm almost 28.

    I do blog, as of recently. I've toyed around with the idea of blogging since my undergraduate years and have finally worked up the courage to begin! I blog to sharpen my writing skills and because I just enjoy writing. My blog address is

    My biggest dream is to have a healthy/laughing family, the work with families as a therapist, to keep writing, and to have a nice, little, colorful garden.

    1. Thanks for being our sole, brave commenter, lol :). Seeing as you are an avid writer-you should consider a book someday. What do you think? :) p.s.-and your colorful garden sounds wonderful!

  2. Hey!

    My hobbies: I love to be active and love to be outside. I can't wait to swim, bike and run outside.

    We are looking forward to kayaking and hiking. I also like learning about health & fitness.

    Season in life: Stay at home mom & grad student

    I just starting blogging thanks to the encouragement of Sara :)

    I kind of see my blog as a scrapbook of our life.

    My biggest dream: To truly listen to God's path for our lives.

  3. Where do you swim? I'm assuming you have a local pool-that would be so nice! I haven't ever kayaked, but it sure sounds like fun :). We love hiking too, even if it's just around our farm! :)

  4. Yes, we go to a local pool near our house. Do you have pools near you? You would love kayaking. It's a lot of fun. If we lived closer I'd let you borrow our kayaks. :)
    How big is your farm?


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