My Sugar (cookie): Christmas Tradition #2

 Brett requested I make sugar cookies so we could decorate them.
This is something I grew up doing with my family and really enjoyed!
I have so many good memories of Momma icing the cookies in her perfect way, and Daddy carefully placing sprinkles on the cookies with a toothpick. 
I told Brett I often got carried away with the sprinkles when I decorated.  This didn't surprise him a bit! :)
For our Torbett family FIRST YEAR EVER of making sugar cookies we decided to continue the tradition I grew up with and go homemade.  Anna Ruth helped me roll out the dough and had fun learning what a cookie cutter was.  
 At first Anna Ruth was just grabbing the plain cookies and cramming them into her mouth, before I could even get the icing on! Hilarious. 
In stepped "Dada" to help!
 Brett showed Anna Ruth how to use the shaker to put sprinkles on the cookies, as well as how to pick the sprinkles up off the cookie sheet and put them on.
She was thrilled with both options.
This was so fun to see.  I loved watching Anna Ruth experience sugar cookies for the first time!
Thanks to Brett for adding a bit of Christmas cheer to an evening at home with this fun idea!


  1. Great post!!! I love Anna Ruth's bow - it made me laugh!! :)


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