Flying by the seat of my pants

To "fly by the seat one's pants"-Meaning-
Decide a course of action as you go along, using your own initiative and perceptions rather than a pre-determined plan.
This pretty much sums up the Torbett girls' lives right now! We rise early, make breakfast a TOP priority (we all like to eat and wake up hungry!), and go from there.  The funny thing is, I was in major nesting mode before Betsy and made lists and lists (and lists to remember those lists) and planned away before she was born. Now-I am trusting in God's plan for me, that being a mama to 2 girls is exactly where He wants me.  As far as everything else...we decide most actions as we go! Need to go to Walgreens with two little ones? -just drive there and decide once I get there how to make it into the store :).  

Want to go to playgroup? Again-just get everyone dressed and fed, diaper bag packed, and decide how to tackle the poopy diapers, feedings, discipline, etc. once we arrive.  
(and breath a huge sigh of relief when things go better than you expected!)
 Anna Ruth recently got to color her very own ornament to hang on our Christmas tree!  She really enjoyed playing with the stickers, crayons, and markers.  I taped a long sheet of white paper down onto our dining room bench for her to draw on.  It was the perfect length and she could easily stand at the bench and draw/color. 
 Anna Ruth sure does love Betsy Grace.  She has started giving her "hugs" night night and likes to look at her and talk to her when she's awake!
Here is Betsy ready to go to her first play-group!  I have made it three places with the girls by myself this week-the grocery store, playgroup, and Walgreens.
As the older lady pointed out at Wal-Mart-"You have your hands full". 
Yes, my dear stranger, I do.
Full to the brim! What a BLESSING this fullness is!

 I think this is what they mean by "Sleep in heavenly peace."
If we can just transfer that peace to a bit of the night now...