Fields of gold

Sunday we got to enjoy a golden farm walk.  We first went to check the cows and put out some hay-a favorite activity of Anna and myself. Then we set Anna Ruth loose in the open pasture and explored the great outdoors.  Our girl loves the farm and the outdoors. No toys required! At first she thought it was fun to pick up dried cow patties and throw them. Couldn't make that up if I tried! We taught her those were "shooey". 
Brett knows that capturing sights with the camera is such a relaxing break for me.  It's one of my favorite things to do.  So he and Little One headed off to do some separate exploring and he let me roam about with the camera.  I came across these plants (weeds probably) that were just golden.  One of the prettiest sights I've ever seen.  Literally-a field of gold. 
With some imagination, I thought this tree looked like an alligator.

This family time was just what I needed.  I'm so thankful for the simple blessings God puts right in front of us, when we choose to see.  I hope you find your own "field of gold" moment this week!