Blessed by a stranger.

 One day recently Anna Ruth and I were at Chick-fil-a, having lunch.  Anna Ruth caught the eye of an older couple, who were just about to leave.  They stopped to talk to her and she was grinning away at them.  The gentleman said she was so pretty, and her eyes-"captivating". I agreed, and said what a sweet girl she is.
 As they were about to walk away the man stopped right in front of me and said this "I'm nearing my 90's.  I've seen a lot of life, and at my age you know what really matters...
You are a lucky, lucky lady."
 I grinned so big I almost had tears! I agreed with the man and he went on his way.
I can't even count the number of times I've heard negativity spoken my way once people find out how close the girls will be.  But this man -he got it. It blessed my heart in a huge way.
In other "news", I posted a quick survey about my blog yesterday. If you haven't already-do you mind to take a few minutes and let me pick your brain a bit by filling it out? Thank-you kindly :)