Once upon a lonely time....

 About a year ago it hit me that I was a new mom, with most of my friends back at work in the teaching world.  I had just then come out of the survival period of new mama-hood.  I hadn't really had time to think about things like getting out and doing things with other moms and babies. I had been too busy trying to learn the ins and outs of nursing, living off less sleep than I'd ever had in my life (except for college maybe, lol), and "keeping up" a house while realizing someone needed me 24 hours a day, every. single. day.
Fast forward to about last September/October. I was lonely. I had my sisters and family to hang out with, but was desperate for friends. I was lonely to the point of wondering if I could do this "stay at home" thing. I'd heard other moms declare they "just couldn't do it", and wondered if this was why! 

Throughout the journey of the last year, I have gone from feeling desperately lonely, to being intentional about actually making time to stay at home each week for at least a day or two.  Meaning-our fellowship cups are full!
 I had been reading the (In) Courage blog and read comments from women saying they had been lonely for years...for years? For some reason, I just couldn't accept that this was how God wanted me to live! God created us to need others, after ultimately being fulfilled by Him.  So, I began to pray for friends. 
As I prayed, sat, and waited it seemed nothing was happening. Oh how we often miss what is going on in the heavenly world! God was working on my behalf, and responding to my faith. I just hadn't "seen" it yet.
Over the course of several weeks and months, God re-wrote my "Once upon a lonely time" story...
Here's how:
*I contacted a girl through Facebook I'd noticed at church and asked her if she belonged to any playgroups. She responded so warmly and invited me to a playgroup for first time moms she was a part of! We've been attending for almost a year, and this is her daughter pictured with Anna Ruth. :) What a blessing this mom and daughter have been to us! 

*Through blogging God has provided new friendships that include crafting and laughing together :)

*As I've consistently communicated with those sitting around me at church I've made several close girl friends I wouldn't have otherwise known.

*God has helped sustain my friendship with my best friend from college, Mikayla. We still have once a month Girls' Nights even :)

*Other opportunities-Anna Ruth and I are friendly to the people at our local Wal-Mart, and to our neighbors.  We make the time to stop and chat as often as we can.....these people are a part of our weekly lives!

The moral of this story is-be brave. At first I was nervous to reach out to others. I felt like everyone at church already had their own group they belonged to. I felt like I was someone everyone assumed "belonged" too. But I didn't feel like I did! 
Pray for confidence, and eyes that see opportunities for friendships and then take them! The butterfly feeling will soon fade, and you'll find you can be a part of re-writing someone else's "Once upon a lonely time" story.  How wonderful to be loved and utilized by God!