Colors of my World

 Party in the pool! :)
We got to spend our monthly Sister's Meeting at Jana's house this time. 
The kiddos enjoyed the pool, shade from the umbrella on the deck. and the water table!
I was proud of Anna Ruth for hanging in there with all the "big kids".
 We were also celebrating this sweet girl's 2 year birthday!
 I love Caleb's alphabet art. :)
 This girl loves a party. 
 Jana baked delicious cupcakes-what a treat!
Anna Ruth isn't big on sweets....
her tastebuds must have come from her Dada.
She ate a bite or two and then tossed the cupcake down on the floor. 
Silly girl.
 Me and my two babies.....
I'm 18 weeks pregnant now,
feeling Baby 2 a lot (when I'm still enough that is),
and anxious to find out in two weeks what we're having!
 Something I keep realizing and saying lately is how FUN this stage of life is with Anna Ruth.
It seriously just keeps getting more and more fun!
She is our constant surprise. :) 
As an expectant mom a little over a year ago I anticipated the birth, and holding and cuddling a tiny baby (as all new moms do!) Although that stage was special too,
I had no idea how much Anna Ruth would make me laugh,
and how much color and joy she would bring to my world at age one.
(and how much patience I would need to pray for too...
Anna Ruth has quite a bit of "get up and go"...
she's passionate in the obeying..and in the NOT obeying, lol)
 We tried out some chalk this week...... :)
 and watched twin deer babies eat and run with their mama.
 I made a new activity for Anna I'll be sharing later this week......
 Around here, we're looking forward to my best friend's wedding,
the Fourth of July,
and a bit of time off for Brett.

What about you?