Sister's Trip

 My sisters and I took a trip to Tulsa,
 and we even had S.W.A.G.! (Stuff We All Get)
We exchanged gifts like snacks, canvases, scarves, and facial masks. :)
 While working on my S.W.A.G I had a mishap with some super glue. :0
 and this poor birdie was stuck in our wood-burning stove all day.
 The lake was looking mysteriously wonderful on my drive to meet Jana.

 After we popped in some ATU college days music and dished about some memories the trip was well on its way.

 Our first stop was this INCREDIBLY cute fabric store called Sew Flakes in downtown Broken Arrow. 
If you're near Broken Arrow or Tulsa you must go in!
I'll post pics of my cute fabric later.
It was inspiration heaven.

 We also ate at Cheesecake factory.
One vegetarian pasta,
less than stellar service,
and no cheesecake.

 Time in the car...while I shot pics like paparazzi.

 We also visited the highly inspirational Anthropologie. 
Cute doesn't even come close to describing it.
 J.Crew in the mall had such a fabulous window display.

 Day Two took a nosedive. Becca got really sick :( so we had to leave her resting in the hotel.
Jana and I went on to Super Target where we were treated to mini captain crunch Starbucks treats.
I enjoyed mine immensely.
Jana's went in the trash. :)
 Jana sported my pin I made for myself :)
We passed the neatest junk/antique shop on the way home in Siloam Springs.
They had junk shops galore! I think another trip is in store. :)
It was so nice to get away..but way nicer to come home.
Anna Ruth wrapped her arms around me and kept patting me on the back.
Thanks to momma and daddy, and Brett and Janice for taking such sweet, good care of Anna Ruth while I was gone.
:) Super Dada to the rescue!


  1. other than the getting sick part....that could be THE perfect sisters day.
    i am jealous.
    and you even had swag!?!!
    that's rad.

  2. Looks like a super fun trip! But NO cheesecake?? What In this world?


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