Bright and happy

 I finished the sunshine pins for the ladies attending Meg's Craft Weekend, which is in a few weeks. I am going to hand-write a note by the pin, so even if the ladies decide to wear the pin they can remember who it came from and what I gave them. :) So, the front of the "package" is my business card, the inside is the pin with a handwritten note, and the cute polka dot paper is what the back of the packing looks like. I tied it all together with cute fabric.

 I made these "Love Lives Here" canvases for my sisters!
I'm going to make some variations of these and list them in the shop sometime in the next month or so.
(I can also custom make these if anyone's interested! You choose your colors and saying)

 I have affectionately nick-named dinner time "The Perfect Storm". 
I look forward to dinner prep with a mixture of dread and excitement. :)
Containing/entertaining an almost 9 month old is about as fun as trying to get a wiggling puppy to sit still.
Yet, I love to cook.
So-the perfect storm is that I need to cook, Brett's not home yet, Anna's hungry and wiggly...
I don't let this time frustrate me though (most days)...I know it's just a phase. :)

 Pretty view from my craft room.
My sweet sis ordered a wreath from my shop! I love the bright colors :)
Spring has sprung.
I'm ready for bright and happy things.
Girls Trip post coming soon!


  1. THESE are adorable!!!
    what beauty you will bring to CW!!!
    so excited.
    way to go on marketing yourself too!
    seriously awesome!


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