Color Changes Everything

 Anna Ruth's sweet cousin, Kyla, wanted to gift her with this grocery cart.
 Brett had the idea to let her go for a spin around the house in it.
She loves it. :)
 We went to one of Anna's playgroup friend's birthday parties this weekend!
This is the special boy and his beautiful mama.

 The decor was so, so cute! It was a rubber ducky theme.
Anna Ruth got to try two goldfish crackers for the first time.

 We can't believe all of our babies are at the stage of first birthdays!
This playgroup has been such a blessing to us.
Going from socializing at work every day to being at home was quite a change for me.
I love to socialize. :)
I'm so thankful one of the girls in the group from church took the time to be friendly to me and invited me to this group. I look forward to time with these girls every week!

Being friendly matters.
I've noticed lately how when I'm willing to get out of my comfort zone and talk to new people,
and make the effort to talk, text, and be pro-active with relationships,
friendships happen. :)
 We stayed home this weekend to work on some landscaping projects.
Soon we'll have a neat, native stone step in front of the house!
Brett is a master at this stuff.
So patient, fitting each piece together just so.
There are lots of creative ways Anna Ruth found to entertain herself on the front porch.
My country gal  had dirt galore under her fingernails.
The sign of a good day. :)
Color changes everything.

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