Everything but the kitchen sink

 This post is truly about everything-but the kitchen sink. I like to do more posts-fewer pictures and words. Sometimes it just doesn't work out that way. :) Well-let's get started, shall we?
Anna is holding her own bottle! I'm still nursing her but she also gets a formula bottle 2 or 3 times a day as well.

 Haha. :) Okay, so one day last weekend Brett goes "Are you ready?", looking at me expectantly like he truly thought I looked normal and fine. I had on no makeup and my hair (which I'm trying to grow out) was a mess. He really saw no difference. So-I took these pics to show him  :).

 Doesn't she look so big in her jeans? She'll be SEVEN months old next week. SEVEN. !
 Anna enjoyed a warm, cuddly ride in Dada's coveralls this week. Brett feeds hay this time of year-rain, cold, cows still have to be fed!
 We still go see Grandma Capper every week. This week Jana and the kids joined us! Grandma was so full of life and playing/teasing Caleb. She had her finger out buzzing it like a bee! What fun was had by all :).

 These two are a match made in heaven with their activity levels. When Anna gets a bit more mobile-watch out world. Run the world? Girls :)
 I asked Caleb to show me his muscles-and this is what I got. Makes me laugh every time. :) I love this sweet boy.

 Anna likes to sit on the couch like a big girl and play with the pillows! She also enjoys kicking them off the couch.
 God catches my attention often in our country life.
 So I decided after the Christmas decor was taken down I wanted to change a few things up around the house. Just add a bit more color and "happy" to the house. I loove this feedsack fabric I ordered! Happy Country is what Brett called it.
 I put some in embroidery hoops, painted the letters "EAT" and hung it all up in the dining room. I'm also going to make a doily table runner and put mason jars in the middle of the table, but more on that later! The material looks so much brighter in person than it does here. So cheerful :)
 I moved the brown paper bag flowers to the chalkboard..
 and rearranged the china cabinet!

 I also made these pillows to go in the great room.

 Lastly, I changed the mantle up. I made this subway art....if anyone's interested I could do a quick tutorial on how. It was easy and I just love the quote on it. I've been on the hunt for more globes at the thrift shops but can't find any yet....I just love globes. :)
Lately I've been thinking about starting to do some journaling. Does anyone else journal??