Avid Explorer

For those who might not know-Pinterest is a great online tool to "pin" inspirational photos off the web onto different boards you've created. An online bulletin board of sorts. I'm a fan...
At a certain point though my computer inspiration runs dry-often, and without fail.
 What really refreshes, recharges, and speaks to me is the beauty that surrounds our country life.
 Today we headed out for a walk in the farm woods.
 There was so much to see! To be an avid explorer I believe one must look closely...a fast sweep of the view and you might miss something!

Something tiny and detailed. Or big and towering.

Something soothing,
or unusual.
You'd be surprised at how deeply the rest seeps into your soul after a walk. :)

8 x 10 Wild Air
*Credit to Katie Daisy for the lovely print which sums it all up. Visit her etsy shop, The Wheatfield, for inspiration upon inspiration, even via the computer!


  1. So pretty Sara! The pictures and your point of view!


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