A delicious summer recipe!

I have the yummiest recipe to share with you today! It came from one of the many magazine pages I'm always ripping out.  You all, long before Pinterest was a thing I was tearing magazine pages out that I liked and it's still one of my favorite activities. :) The girls had another sleepover at our house last night and wanted pizza so that's just what we did!  Then while they were busy playing I made Brett and I this dish and it was SO GOOD.   Like one of the best things ever! Brett really liked it too, it was easy and healthy, and used zucchini from the garden! 
Seeing as this was a vegetarian meal, I added two fried eggs, as well as avocado on top.  We also a piece of rosemary sourdough bread from Whole Foods with this too.  We were definitely full after this!
We had this with cucumbers from the garden as well.  I thought this table looked like such a pretty sight.
Without further ado, here is the recipe! Actually, here are all four recipes from my magazine page. I think they all sound delicious, minus the tofu stew. I don't do tofu.  At least not yet! I had it once in a store-bought burrito and it was flavorless and squishy.  Threw the whole thing away! 

And now for my notes to myself! As you can see I threw in some extra stuff right from the start-things like garlic, tons of cilantro, and a variety of peppers.  I also thought corn would be good in this as well and you could add beans too.  I'm currently 99.9 % dairy free so I put Forager brand dairy-free sour cream and goat cheese on top, instead of the Mozzarella and Mexican crema.

Anyway, this is most definitely going into my recipe binder and will be a make again! If I were making this for the kids I would use a red mild salsa instead of the green, as it was a bit spicy.  

I hope you'll give this a try! 
Anyone else like to cook? Or save magazine ideas?


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