Current Mood: thinking, listening, reading, pondering...

I'm totally stealing the "Current Mood" name from John Mayer's live IG show he puts on.  

Current Mood, rosy life style means simply sharing the thoughts that are circling my mind these days.  The shows I'm watching, the books I'm reading or want to read, the music that moves me, the things I'm looking forward to. I kind of "here's where I'm at" check-in.  

So, on the very brink of spring 2019, here is my current mood: 
Looking at swimsuits galore online.  Wanting a cute, functional suit because we're in the water a LOT.  Pondering if it's really worth it to pay $150 for some of the expensive suits, or simply spring for one off Amazon? (thoughts? Please share!) Already looked at Target and they either looked too old and frumpy or way too teeny-tiny. 

Listening to: a few songs from A Star is Born, Johnny Cash at the coffee shop, Christy Nickels lullaby album, City and Colour, Whitney Houston, and JohnnySwim. 

Wanting to read: Just Mercy, Us Against You.
Read and LOVED Becoming by Michelle Obama. It was one of my top favorite books I've EVER read.  I keep saying it in real life to people and I'll say it here-regardless of your political opinions, I think her book is worth reading.  For sure.  I also just read Educated, a very, very hard memoir for me to stomach.  It gave me belly aches at times, but also helped me to understand just how much some folks are dealing with.  Took a bit of my naivety about the world down a notch, which I'm always for.

Painting-Currently have 4 paintings on my counter and an art journal that is almost filled to the brim. I don't really show my works in progress or even my art journal.  At least not while I'm in the process of creating.  Because you know what? As much as I do adore sharing and hopefully inspiring others along the way, I'll let you in on a secret. I mostly create because it sets my insides free, makes my worries scurry, and gives a voice to the artist in me that God put there since birth.  I paint, quite simply, because it's fun.  I've read a few things lately about how we don't do things just for fun anymore, always feeling the urge to hustle "it", whatever our passion or hobby is.  That's a long way to say that I'm painting a lot and I adore showing my finished canvases and perhaps I'll even sneak a peek into my art journal soon.  But I'm creating because it's a very bright spot in my life.  Keep the light on friends.  As Jen Hatmaker wrote in her last book, if the only person your art is saving is you, DO IT.  It's worth it. 

Watching: Worst Cooks in America (lol), This is Us, New Amsterdam. I go through periods of more tv watching and less.  I'm currently usually watching while making myself exercise.  

Eating: Boiled eggs with this DELICIOUS stuff on top called Spicy Chili Crisp.  I'll have to share a photo with you soon. Also, Perfect Bars, egg tacos, and salads.  Oh, and root-beer Zevia and La Croix Cola for LIFE. 

Blogs I'm loving: Shutterbean,, and teacher blogs!

Pinning: Classroom and teaching ideas, outfit ideas, and healthy recipes. 

Praying and pondering: getting a teaching job! Praying hard for just the right fit.  
And yes, I love being a working mom.  Everyone that asks always expects me to be stressed and completely overwhelmed.  But I'm happy to say, I'm not. :) :)
Also, foster care has never left my heart or mind.  A lot of my experience I'm getting to tap into in this season of my life.  

Looking forward to: Travel! We have some fun trips planned for this year I'm excited to plan and tell you about on the blog soon! 

Missing: warm weather, skirts and less layers (sorry turtlenecks, tired of you!), and my camera.  

Writing: in my journal a lot.  I've almost filled a whole journal! I've always said I would write a book.  So maybe these notes will lead to one someday.  For now, my journal is my healing spot, my dumping ground, my happy place.  It's all the things really! 

Exercising: 3 or 4 times a week.  I've been doing the treadmill a couple times a week and then using my kettle bell on the other days.  I'm feeling sore, strong, and good.  

Well friends, now it's your turn! What are you reading, watching, listening to, looking forward to, pondering, writing, and missing? 

We have snow chances this weekend so I suppose it's another weekend of being cozy and concentrating on the rosy. :)

Happy first day of March, rosy friends! 

in the land of grown-up girls

In the land of grown-up girls we have conversations about all kinds of things, what comes out next always a constant surprise. 
We have first wiggly teeth, kids that sleep all night, and not a single tardy all year at school.

The land of grown-up girls means cousin sleepovers, games galore, and homework every night.  
It also means travel plans we'd never dreamed of when they were babies, no nap times, and opinions about more and more things (especially clothes). 
Lest you think the land of grown-up girls is entirely grown-up, let me remind you (and myself) that it also means handwritten Valentine's, dancing when you feel like it, and the feeling of riding a bike over 5 miles for the first time. 

It means still picking chicken nuggets over Asian food, playing pretend for hours and hours, and being by our sides more often than not. 
The land of grown-up/but still little girls means wishes like "I wish to have peace in the whole world." 

It means being little enough in age but big enough in bravery to continually try new things without apologizing for it or hanging a head in embarrassment.  

From sports, dancing, games, and gymnastics, my grown-up girls unapologetically take up space in their world. 

It means being little enough to have big tears when big feelings come, but then much more easily than us true grown-ups, be able to shake them off and let life move along. 

Don't you think the land of grown-up girls there is much for us to learn? 

I do. 

Why bother with the rosy and the blogging?

The title of this post poses a question I've found myself honestly asking this year.  Not in angst or drama or from an emotional-filled place, just out of curiosity mostly.  It does feel a bit silly when a co-worker discovers for the first time I keep a blog and have for 10 years, but I suppose the real question is-why?  There are two parts to that why.  First, I've asked myself a million times lately, why even bother with looking for the rosier side of life? Isn't everyone off traveling and living their most styled, best lifestyle magazine shoot on IG all the time anyway?  Why would the world need a gal like myself who has a very routine schedule, travel kept to a minimum, and photos very far from looking styled, to speak up? If for nothing else, looking for the rosy side of life and the joy pockets feels like the painting above.  This is by far, my most favorite painting at our local art museum.  I look for this painting every single time and my girls can also quickly tell you it's my most favorite.   Can you picture this painting without the magical, bright, luminous lanterns?  I can.  It looks to me like people looking here and there, doing what, we don't really know.  When I purposely search out the joy and happy in life, it feels like holding onto one of these bright balls of light.  When I share, it feels like I've extended some light, hope, and joy to you too.  I've had plenty of days where my camera has been left untouched, my journal left blank, my paint brushes left to dry up.  Those days can turn into weeks and then months and suddenly I find myself wondering where the time has gone and was there even any joy found at all? 
(hint, there always, always was, whether it was documented or not)

THIS is why I think it does matter to bother with the rosy and go ahead and blog about it.  It simply lights my days and way to be purposeful about looking for joy.  Some rare days it's an absolute struggle, a fight almost to find a shred of happy.  Those of you outside looking in probably wouldn't ever know that.  My joy muscle is pretty strong. The truth is, I do work at this sometimes.  What I've found is that when my eyes are peeled for good my hope floats and those around me feel lifted too.  I think that matters so much in our world today.  There are so many of us who feel lonely, disconnected, depressed, and downright purposeless.  Searching for the rosy can't change all that, but it sure can make a HUGE dent in the negative.  

"You have to keep shining because it's the only way some of us can see in the dark."
(read on IG)

Friends, whether I have low blog stats or high (hint: they're usually very low), whether I have a lot of joy in my tank or not, I'm going to keep showing up here.  I just can't not.  We talked at church yesterday about our legacy and what impact our life will have on others.  I don't know all the details my life will hold.  But to have been known as the gal who searched for the rosy, allowing creativity and FUN in, lived very loved in Jesus, and tried so very hard to love people faithfully......

that's a legacy I can live with and say yes, I will "bother" with the rosy until my last day on Earth and I'll certainly keep blogging about it. 

Because maybe you need me to hold my lantern out for you too? 

My favorite author, puts this weird stage of social media we find ourselves in, so very well. 

Even as a 35-year old woman, when it might feel a little silly to confess I blog but not for money or business, just for fun.....
I'm showing up with my whole self.  I hope you'll continue to show up here too! 

(p.s.-Hi Grandma and Papaw!! My blog's biggest fans in the world. I love you two! Thanks for always reading! )

Photography Class Spring Dates!

Friends, I am so truly delighted to let you know about the Photography Class I hosted a few weeks ago.  I've had this idea before-teach others how to actually use their DSLR.  I know the iPhones are doing their best to keep up with the Nikons and Canons, but I'm not buying it.  There is truly something substantially better about the art, craft, and quality of a DSLR.  With that said, I knew my idea of combining my love of teaching with my pure passion for photography was a good one. 

Three other people thought so too and signed up for my Rosy Life Photography class.  I don't have the words yet for how honored I am that they believe in my idea and signed up.  I'm ever so glad they did because not only did we learn SO much together last weekend, we also had a blast and ate yummy food! 

I sent out a schedule to the ladies the day before, which included plenty of time to work through the curriculum I wrote about the components of a successful photograph but also an emphasis on questions.  The day of the class it was SO MUCH FUN to watch the ladies face's light up as they not only realized what white balance, ISO, shutter speed, and aperture were, but how to actually change those settings themselves! 

It was like handing them the key to a whole new world of photography they had yet to experience.  Watching the lightbulb go off in their minds was truly priceless. 
Each participant got to take the printed curriculum home, as well as these other goodies, including an art print from me! 
We also ate delicious food and snacks!

A huge component of our day was practicing what we learned and asking questions.  This is SUCH a big deal to me! When I was learning how to use my camera it was just my manual and I, alone on the back deck.  I wouldn't have even know who to ask a question if I needed to! 

So a huge part of the Photography Class was being able to speak up and ask a question! Or two or three! Next, practice, practice, practice.

The day was such a success.  The class members left not only knowing HOW to use their cameras, but excited about it as well! 

In the words of my friend and class participant Kathryn-"I had THE best day with Sara of @therosylifeblog in her real-talk breakdown of manual mode photography. Ya’ll, I’m never going back to auto again!! 10/10, all the gold stars, double praise hands for this wonderful workshop! "
Now a look at some of Kathryn's photos from the day! I adore the fact that she captured me doing my thing! It's not a view I see very much and these photos are precious to me.

Especially this one! I do truly talk with my hands a LOT. 
Lightbulb moment!

Friends, I am ever so thankful for how this day went.  Like truly, madly, deeply grateful.  It was just so darn fun and I loved gifting people the tools they need to be able to experience the joy of photography.  

Wishing you could have come?
Well, good news!! 
I am teaching TWO more Photography Classes this spring!! 
If you'd like to see details on the class and exactly what we'll be learning, you can visit my blog post here!  The *only* detail that will be different in this post is the date!  Obvs, the next class dates won't be in January! 

Here's the lowdown: 
This class is for people with DSLR's wanting to learn how to shoot in manual mode.  The class size is small (6-8 people max per class) so that I can adequately answer questions and look at each person's camera during our time together.  

The class lasts from 9-2 at my house, located in Northwest Arkansas.  I provide the curriculum and you receive your own printed copy of everything we learn! You also receive some extra treats and goodies from me as well a delicious lunch and snacks. 

We have our own private FB group you will become a member of once you sign up.  It is always open for questions! 

The cost for the day is $150.  A $50 non-refundable deposit is due to secure your spot and then you are free to pay the rest in full right away or make partial payments via Paypal until your class date. 

Ready to come?  Here are the class dates: 

Saturday, March 9th from 9-2
Saturday, April 6th from 9-2

How to sign up:
Message me on FB
DM me on IG!

So what are you waiting for?  Let's get learning together! It's going to be so much fun, I promise! 

A beautiful ruin.

We burned the garden and the flowerbeds recently.  I thought it looked beautiful.  Before you find me overly morbid, allow me to explain.  As day after day looks bleak and grey outside it's often been difficult for me to picture a yard and garden teeming with color.  But once we set fire to the weeds and burn away the gnarled, dried stalks and plants that winter has left in its wake, I can begin to see it.  My eyes eagerly take in the black patches because they feel like a clean slate.  Where I once glanced just seconds before and saw ruin, I now see flowers taking root, space for the garden to grow again.

This ruin is beautiful to me.  It leaves faint memories of what was and unlimited possibility of what's to come.  I am trying to allow and learn from the same ruin in my own life.  The garden and flowers have so much to say if we'll only listen. 

Daffodil Day

They came. 
Every year around this time when the Christmas tinsel is long gone and the merriment sent back up to the attic, we start to look towards spring.  Our eyes dance with excitement and our fingers ache to feel the dirt that somehow seems to cleanse us from winter.  We are made for the outside, our family.  The sunshine energizing our hearts and bodies as if we were solar-powered.  Yet each year as we joyously move towards less hibernating and more getting out into the world, we find ourselves wondering just when the cold will cease.  Have we truly made it through another winter? Is spring really going to come? 
Then, year after year, we drive through the pasture our eyes straining to see even the faintest bit of yellow.  

Our breath catches in our throats and our eyes not only see a bit of yellow, but also hope.  Indeed, the daffodils have come again, to cheer us on towards spring.

I always tell the girls the same story each year.  I'm not sure why God chose daffodils to greet us first, but I'm ever so glad He did.  Daffodil Day is just the best day.  

Friend, rest assured.  The daffodils have come again and so will adventure, sun to warm our skin, and dirt to cleanse our souls. 

What I wore

Morning y'all! If you're reading and actually clicked on over to blog-land I am just SO delighted you're here.  I mean that, I hope you know it.  I'm currently sitting surrounded by young things, people in their 20's (I'm assuming) and doing the whole college thing.  Almost everyone is wearing leggings, an oversized sweatshirt, and top-knot or cute hat.  I'm, needless to say, not dressed like a young thing.  LOL.  One of these is not like the other! 

I also recently realized/read that actual, real style bloggers get outfits sent to them for the sole purpose of trying them on and showing the internet.  You guys, I thought the main difference between me and them was simply my use of a cheap, dirty mirror.  Evidently there is a LOT that's different between a real style blogger and me.  As if you hadn't already figured that out! While I can't say my mirror situation has improved (I never think of it until we're here and I'm blogging again), I CAN say I love these posts.  While it may feel a bit silly for a 35-year old working mama to post her outfits, I still stand by the fact that there is something truly wonderful feeling about being intentional with my outfits, hair, and makeup.  I don't want you to miss the point here and think that you should want to put makeup on everyday too because it's the only thing that will make you feel good. Totally not true. I just mean for me, you know my body imagine has been such a struggle and getting dressed in a way I feel cute is SUCH good medicine.  Plus, it's just really fun! 

So without further ado, here are the outfits I'm loving lately! I'll warn ya-I've been sitting on this post for weeks so there are a lot of pics! Not everything is that exciting of an outfit, but at least something that made me feel good and works for the amount of time I sit on the floor during my teaching.  

All outfits were thrifted or bought on sale!

Weird lighting selfie because my phone is cracked and makes the light look strange/dreamy.

This outfit was too many layers and I was hot all day.  Plus, the black dress that I adore is looking really worn so I had to throw it away.  :( BOOOOO..

I don't normally wear leggings as pants.  I leave that to the young things, remember! But this day was rainy and I liked how this striped shirt paired with the leggings and covered "everything", if you catch my drift.  The striped shirt was thrifted and is SO soft. This is totally an outfit I would wear hiking and camping! Just not to work. 

There you have it friends! 
Do you share any of the same feelings I do about getting dressed intentionally in the morning? 
I really adore pinning photos of outfits I like, especially if the person wearing them is similar to my size.  Do you have any people I should look up on Pinterest or IG for outfit ideas? 

Where do you shop for clothes? 
How do you stay feeling good?

Current Mood: thinking, listening, reading, pondering...

I'm totally stealing the "Current Mood" name from John Mayer's live IG show he puts on.   Current Mood, rosy life s...