Mostly photographs. Saving my words. Life lately!

Morning everyone! I have missed you! I haven't quite known how to set foot in my online spaces lately, but behind-the-scenes our life has been very full and I wanted to share a handful of my favorite moments lately.  No lengthy posts or life revelations here, just some rosy moments from our real life.  

All three of my kids had dress up days at school which was quite a lot to keep up with!  Betsy had the idea to paint her own dress, which I thought was brilliant and creative so of course I told her to go for it!

 Target fun! 
I've been trying to do a few more planned activities for the kids in the rare moments we have time at home.  I cut these paper plate flowers for the girls to paint and then layer afterwards.

 We have our garden planted! I am anxiously awaiting my first bowl of garden greens. 
 Spring break treats. :) 
This time of year is simply my favorite.  There are so many different things to gather and forage to add some beauty to my home for free.
 Quality time with Granna. 

 These are delicious on just about anything! 

 We pulled out our favorite kite from the attic.  I believe the girls have named it "Sky Rider."  

 We took a little trip on Spring Break and had such an amazing time!  This shot is from a restaurant we ate at.  Isn't the decor dreamy?! I was in heaven.  
 Things are starting to grow!! It feels like every time I walk outside there is something new to be noticed.  The outside sure is a breath of fresh air from all the daily tasks awaiting me. 

 I thought the clover looked so beautiful before we got our first mowing of the year in. 
Random fact about me: I like to mow and I'm pretty good at it. 

 I keep painting because it's good medicine for me. 
So many of you have asked about my recent paintings I may get around to selling some of them later this spring.  We'll see. 

Lots of other things brewing in my world but nothing to write about yet.  I know that must seem so opposite to our "share everything" social media society.  But as I get older I'm realizing how odd it feels to me that so many posts, blogs, and IG's feel like the very personal pages of someones journal.  To each their own I say.  But for now, I'm sticking to mostly photographs. 

I'm also partly saving up my words and photographs because I have a dream to self-publish my own book and I'm already storing words and photos away for "someday".

These things are continuing to give me life: 

Podcasts (what can you recommend?)

Painting (still on a floral kick...won't end anytime soon)

Cooking! What healthy blogs or cookbooks can you recommend?

Gardening, landscaping, and dreaming of doing a lot of living and eating outdoors

Daydreaming a lot, mostly about travel.

What are you up to in your part of the world?  Are your words plentiful or few in this season?

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