Grandma's SURPRISE 80th birthday party!

Each year we typically have a fall party, an idea I started way back when Brett and I were first dating, probably about 10 years ago.  I adored autumn and thought its arrival definitely warranted a celebration.  Fast forward to this year, where we told my sweet Grandma we were having another fall party but were really planning a surprise 80th birthday for her! She didn't think a thing of it.  Or at least if she did she kept quiet. :)  The biggest thanks goes to my momma!  This party and the party guests were all her idea! 

My sisters and their families, my parents, my mom-in-law, and Grandma's kids came all the way from Arizona, Oklahoma, and Northwest Arkansas to gather at our house.  We enjoyed some loud, fun time inside the house while our watchmen waited for Grandma and Papaw to pull up.  Once they did we scrambled to get everyone into position. 
As soon as she walked in, we yelled "Surprise!"  I adore this photo.  You can see the love and excitement we have for our Grandma! 

We teased Grandma about bringing presents to her own party! She really brought me this beautiful bouquet of flowers. 
Little did Grandma know, the surprises were only getting started! 
This is her face when she realized her two sons were also there, all the way from Oklahoma and Arizona.  I adore the fact that Anna Ruth is the only one looking at Grandma and what a delighted look she has!  She totally got why the party was such a special one! 

I love this crew so much. 
Time for hugs and pictures! !

My sweet niece made Grandma a handmade gift and couldn't wait to give it to her.

Once we all gave hugs we got right down to business.  The business of eating and having fun that is! Everyone brought food to share and we ate like kings and queens.  It was HOT, hot, hot outside but the kids didn't seem to mind. We played inside and out, kids going everywhere!  Between my sisters and I we have 11 kiddos! 

The youngest of the 11!  Such a sweet boy. This is my Daddy holding him! 

My momma and her tall brothers! 
Grandma and Papaw and their kiddos.  This is priceless.
If I could picture the happiest my house has ever been, it would be like this.  Full to the brim with people, food, fun, laughter, relaxing, and conversation.  Just so much love.  

You should have heard the singing for Grandma!! I recorded a few seconds of it that I'll put in a video soon. 
Go Grandma! 

Grandma and two faves.  
When I think of my Grandma I think of this.  Just pure joy and fun! She got tickled because my mom gave her a nice purse with bananas inside.
The story behind it is that when my sisters and I were younger we were staying with Grandma and complained of being hungry.  Lo and behold, she pulled bananas out of her purse for us!  Some time later we were back home with our momma and complained of being hungry again.  After realizing momma didn't have anything in her purse we explained "But Grandma has bananas in her purse!"  

Next we loaded up the kiddos to go fishing on the farm!
The kids did so great at the pond!  Each kiddo caught at least one fish! 

I followed my precious nephew around a lot.  He is such fun! 
This is my niece.  She is creative and kind and a delight to be around.  She also has one of the greatest hearts for Jesus and others that I know of.  I loved her costume!

And that's a wrap!  Grandma's 80th surprise party was SUCH fun, such a success, and such a priceless day.  I almost have no words how much a day like this means to me.  It meant the world to have so many family members in our home.  We look forward to many more birthday celebrations!  
Grandma, we sure do love you! 

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