Big post and a BIG spring giveaway!

The GIVEAWAY is officially closed! 
I'll post the winner later tonight! 

Hi friends! I hope you're seated with a cup of nice hot coffee (preferably with half and half).  My favorites.  Our ice and snow is still slowly melting today and that is very freeing feeling.  Spring might actually, for real, be on its way now!  We have a garden just waiting for us to sink our hands and shovels into.  Bring on the dirt, backyard sittin', and bluegrass listenin'.  
The girls and I have had such fun playing together inside during the snow days.  We especially like our new puzzles.  Anna Ruth is a born, natural puzzle lover.  I am a trained puzzle lover, meaning I participate because she likes them.  :)  I do this with such enthusiasm (because she matters to me) that I'm convinced it will someday be a shock when she realizes mom actually isn't that great at puzzles.  

I've still been participating in Christy Tomlinson's She Art workshop, which I am loving. 
It has my fingers, brain, heart, mind, and inspiration creating and thinking in a whole new way. 

I didn't know I would like this mixed media type of painting so, so much.  It is by far one of my favorite art forms I've ever participated in.  Now to find someone in real life who shares my passion... 

Anna Ruth got to paint her own mini canvas in the craft room with me one day.  I love the little size of these canvases because they are very do-able for me with my limited amount of time.
Beginning much possibility lying ahead for this little canvas. 
I love that.

 I have to be honest about two things.
1.) This little gal was supposed to be for the blog giveaway at the end of the post.  But I made her and just couldn't bear to give her up.  Ooooooooops.  Forgive me?!

2.) I feel like stepping out and sharing my love and passion for art consistently is a very, very brave (and sometimes lonely) thing to do.  You know how people talk about book characters "saving" them and keeping them company....getting lost in a book or feeling at home in a book? 
That is how I feel about the particular bloggers below. I don't know very many (at all) people in real life who share my passion for art and creating.  I usually feel odd and out of place for showing up places with paint on my hands.  I'm praying to "find my people" someday. Gals who get mod-podge and paint and mixed media and Dottie Angel.   But for now, there's these gals and this is why I love blogging so much.  They make me feel not so alone, and very "normal." :) 
Check them out! 

Brett is truly such a great daddy.  The girls eagerly await his arrival home since.....oh, about 7:00 in the morning. Basically, as soon as he leaves they look forward to him coming home again.  They wait for the sound of the door to open and pounce on him as soon as he walks in.  He devotes every single second with them until their bedtime.  These sweet images.....are just so, so sweet to me.  

And now for a Spring Giveaway! 
My twin sister won a giveaway this week on someone else's blog and I was sharing in the excitement with her when I was reminded of how much I love blog giveaways.  They're pretty much some of the best things in life. Ever.  So, I decided I'd have one too! Just because.  Some of my favorites are included in this BIG giveaway (big in my opinion at least!) ....
 Like this panel of fabric from a favorite illustrator, Cori Dantini !
You could cut each panel out and frame it,
sew something with these,
or simply clip them up on the wall! 
 Next up is my favorite magazine, Fresh Style !
And last....a pack of colored pencils for sketching and creating, wrapped in an old book page, and little doily in my favorite color;
a pack of my favorite spring-time photos from my blog,
and a mini bunting in the cutest, springiest colors! 

To enter:
1.)  Comment below with your name
and favorite springtime activity!

Giveaway ENDS Friday, March 7th at 7:00 p.m.! 


  1. I would have to say that what I look forward to most in Spring is opening our front porch for music and friends. I love to plan a party at the first sign that we're done with COLD, and buy pretty floral plates and fill buckets with flowers and invite people over that love music and food.

    Thanks for doing the give away! I love the colors!


  2. Daffodils!!. I remember as a child seeing them outside my window and being so excited that Spring was coming. Walking out into the crisp morning air...that first deep sweet breath. Those are my favorite things for Spring. Love your stuff, you inspire me and amaze me that you do so much. Blessings! Becky

  3. You have such an amazingly gorgeous and colorful place to look around! Love it.

  4. Hi Sara,
    I follow you on Pinterest and saw your pin about this giveaway. I'm sorry to say I have never visited your blog before. What a bright, happy place it is!
    My favorite Spring time activity is opening the windows wide!!! I can't wait to do it!
    Thanks for the chance at your lovely giveaway!!

  5. Hey, friend! I'm loving the mixed media gal. I saw your post on Instagram and was blown away at your art. She's lovely. Doing a mixed media canvas is actually on my life list but I find it SO difficult to begin. I don't have a good eye for layering (by the way-The Pink Couch? My all time favorite layering/crafter/photog blogger!!).

    However, to answer your question- my fave spring time activity these days-sewing! I'm teaching myself and SO SO SO loving it!

  6. My favorite springtime activity is freshening everything up on the porches after the winter. I am usually able to winter my potted plants well, but this year, not so much. I love going to the garden center and getting my flowering plants started. We have had our coldest winter in a while, so I am ready for spring to make its appearance. Love being outside in the warm sunshine. Thanks for the chance at your wonderful giveaway. Make me want to get out the craft stuff and create!

  7. My favorite springtime activity is just being outside and being inspired by the beauty of budding nature after what is usually a long and hard winter.

  8. Hi, I'm Debra and I love getting everything ready for planting! Ddebra33 at gmail dot om

  9. I have been curious about painting on canvas. Have enjoyed your posts on this along with your other posts. My favorite spring activity is to walk at our local nature center and enjoy Spring and all the wonderful things in nature it has to offer.

  10. I'm posting for Julie Sopha, who contacted me via Pinterest for the giveaway because her comment wouldn't work. :/ Thanks for entering Julie!

  11. Fun giveaway! I think getting out to antique/"junk" shops is my favorite spring activity.

  12. I'm Rachel Cartucci. My favorite spring activity would be prepping our garden with my little boy who enjoys working in the yard.

  13. I love to work in the yard, and it brightens my day when I see my flowers poking up through the ground. Mostly daffodils because the deer eat everything else.

    1. Sorry forgot my email! LMsunshine33 at the gmail.

  14. my favorite springtime activity is going to church on Easter Sunday!!

  15. my favorite springtime activity is going to church on Easter Sunday!!

  16. My favorite springtime activity is enjoying the spring flowers! They are ALL my favorites and don't last long enough--tulips, hyacinths, daffodils!!
    Email is


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