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Answering your foster care questions!

Last week one brave soul (hi Christine!) reached out on my foster care post and asked some questions.  I say "Go Christine, you brave soul!".  I am asked about this topic pretty much on a daily basis.  My answers are met with LOTS of typical responses, many of which I have worked hard to smile and nod at.  The top response I get from the general public is "I could never give the kids back up." You friends know my stance on this. You could if you really wanted to.  I've seen other people walk this road and still stand afterwards, so I'm counting on the footsteps they've left in front of me to follow, bravely if this is where our journey leads.  
I've said it before and I'll keep saying it.  If you have a beating in your heart for foster care, to help in any capacity, don't ignore that.  Don't let your fears speak louder than your fire.  I am an INFJ gal who is rated "highly-sensitive".  Not exactly your poster child for a foste…

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