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The world doesn't need another magazine-ready mantle.

"The world doesn't need another magazine-worthy mantle." My thoughts and words to Brett earlier this week, after posting two photos in the same afternoon and quickly noticing how the likes escalated on one, which was the messier of the two. 
Let me explain: a few days ago I posted a photo on IG (therosylifeblog) of my mantle.  I'm not usually a "like" kind of gal, meaning I don't know what the tips and tricks are to gain more followers or hearts and I don't care to know either.  But a few hours later I was folding laundry in my VERY messy "craft"/laundry room, chugging coffee at dinner time so that I could hang out at a Christmas party later that night.  SO real life as a 34-year old mama of three.  In fact, so real across the board.  Much of my life is rather messy right now.  
I noticed as the "likes" began trickling in, so did the comments.  Not for my styled mantle, which don't get me wrong, I adore! It was fun to decora…

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