Happy Birthday to my Grandma!

Happy, happy birthday to one of the most special women I'll ever know-my Grandma! 
When I think of fun and laughing 'till we cry, I think of her. 
We once took a road trip to California and Grandma and I couldn't handle being in the backseat together because we'd have a fit of giggles and simply couldn't stop. 

When I think of great conversation and true listening, I think of her. 
Grandma always looks people right in the eye and listens for as long as she needs to. 
She also gives out advice in just the right amount, not too much, not too little. 

When I think of someone who truly takes care of those around them, I think of her. 
Grandma remembers every birthday and anniversary, without fail. 
I get more real mail in the mailbox from Grandma than anyone else.  
She thoughtfully remembers us all! 

When I think of a selfless soul, I think of her. 
I've often said that the one place I get to be just Sara and get taken care of, is at Grandma's.  Coffee and conversation always await, a delicious meal prepped ahead of time.  Seconds at Grandma's are a must.  So is a good linger around the table afterwards. 

When I think of energy, I think of her. 
Grandma can keep up with all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren and that's saying a lot because there are a lot of us! 

When I think of someone who asks about the small details of my life, I think of her. 
After a painting sale, Grandma will text and ask how it went.  If someone is sick in our family, we have something new happening (like a job or kindergarten), Grandma is sure to send a text over and check in. 

When I think of my blog's biggest fan by FAR, I think of her. 
Grandma always lets me know she's reading my blog, year after year. 
Hi Grandma! 

When I think of someone with a big heart, behind-the-scenes, I think of her. 
My twin recently told me Grandma kept half and half just for her when she came to visit.  Tucked into the freezer and taken out when my twin shows up.  
You know what the best thing is about all this? 
I'm just one person who's life is so much richer because of my Grandma. 
Scores of people could write their own posts and each would be as equally true. 

Vincent Van Gogh says "I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people." 
Grandma, you are an incredible artist and I love you.
"I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind that I put down in words, how wonderful life is now you're in the world."

Happiest of birthdays to you! 

A farm photo session with the "P" family!

 Happy Friday friends! I have been busy with photo sessions this fall and you know that nothing delights me more.  It is still (and forever) my greatest honor when someone puts their life and story in my hands and lets me tell it with my camera.  It is just my happy place, quite simply. 

Today I want to share a peek at a session I did on our farm, with a very special family. 
I think my belly ached afterwards from laughing so much! 
We just had so much fun together and the joy between this family is contagious. 
I think you can see that for yourself. :) 

Interested in booking your own shoot? 
I do farm sessions, in-home sessions, or even a session in town if you have a great location in mind! 
Email sunshinebysara@hotmail.com to book your own shoot! 
You can find more information on photography sessions by clicking the tab on the blog that says "Photography Session Info." 

****You can also ask for a session for Christmas OR gift one! I can easily work out the details with you and mail a pretty card you can gift!*******

A treasure found.

During our camping trip to the Buffalo we drove a ways down the river and all piled out to walk down to the water.  My girls were playing, while Brett and his mom were taking it all in.  Something behind me caught my eye.  A shimmering light, looking like a giant magnifying glass.

Curious, I walked closer until my eyes quickly took in a treasure.  I gasped in surprise and then shouted for the others to come see.
This is what awaited me. 
Can you read what it says?
"Take me to remember your trip, 2018, Rush, AR".

It then has someone's initials.
I still get chills thinking about walking up on this treasure. 
I had actually just been telling Brett about Ben Rector's song "extraordinary magic" in the car, just minutes earlier.  After I discovered this treasure waiting and we all gathered around and oohed and ahhed over it I bent over and whispered excitedly to Brett -"See! It really IS true, extraordinary magic really DOES follow me around!" 

Perhaps that makes all the difference in the world, whether we believe in the magic or not. 

Camping at the Buffalo

This fall we enjoyed the most wonderful time camping at the Buffalo River.  This was our first time to camp there, although we had been to enjoy the river on a previous trip.  Something we like to do before camping at a new to us spot is to check it out beforehand.  We had already done that with the Buffalo Point campground and knew it looked wonderful! 

We were right. 
We arrived after dark and quickly got our pop-up camper set up for the night.  Something I really like about our pop-up is that we can pretty it up as much as we want, or not.  I'll usually at least hang a strand of string lights, but really all the other extras (like flowers, a tablecloth, etc.) don't have a huge effect on whether or not we have fun.  You all know me-I love a good tablescape or decoration.  But I'm learning sometimes less is more, especially when setting up in the dark. 
What could compete with this view anyway? 
One of the most glorious parts about camping is waking up the next day to fog.  Beautiful, thick, mysterious fog. 

My people. 

We walked just a few steps from our campsite to these stairs, which led right down to the river.  The fog was so thick you could have cut it with a knife early in the morning.  We crept down in our robes and jammies and stood silently to behold the most majestic crane standing in the river.   It's a memory that will forever be etched in my mind. 

It is always such a treat when Nana camps with us!!
Coffee by the campfire is my fave. 

Another really fun adventure to have while at the Buffalo is to hike around the historic town of Rush.

Skipping rocks is always a fun challenge as well!  
Come to think of it, I don't know that I've ever even tried.  I usually leave it up to the pro's-Brett and his mom! 

Last year I sewed new fabric over our brown camping curtains and it has done a lot to make the pop-up look cheery and bright.  

Water sparkles are just magic to me.
The water was higher on this particular trip, but last time Brett and the girls and I went to the Buffalo we all swam out to this rock together, hundreds of tiny fish swarming around us.  It was amazing.
This was probably our last camping trip of the year, I'm sad to say. Camping isn't something I was originally on board with.  Brett had the idea and kept asking me about it until finally I said "yes" to buying a camper, just to get him to quit asking.  That is the honest, funny, brutal truth.  I had no idea what a GIFT camping would be to our family.  I'm so glad Brett talked me into it!  What fun we've had! 

Now that we've closed the camper doors for the season I'm ready to start planning next year's trips.  If you're within a couple hours of Northwest Arkansas, where do you recommend camping?

p.s.-I found a literal treasure on this camping trip. Come back Monday to read the story.

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